New Year’s Resolution: spelling

I make a few mistakes here, including in headlines sometimes. In a hurry, lax, no editor to check things before publication.

I don’t know what the Herald’s excuse is for this:

NZH Catoon

Maybe they could make better spelling a belated New Year’s resolution.

It looks like catoon is a common mistake, I get 3,190,000 results from Google. But that’s exaggerated,  there are multiple hits (six) from this one Herald mistake due to it appearing on different pages linking to the cartoon page.


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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  10th January 2016

    And the grammatical howler – how’s instead of how’re?

    However, I don’t mind it from Bromhead – who is a relief from the bitter and twisted Emmerson.

    • kittycatkin

       /  10th January 2016

      For reasons unknown, the correct way to address a single magpie is (after you’ve made a spitting sound) is ‘Good morning, Mr Magpie, how’s your wife and lovely children ?” to ward off bad luck. Maybe magpies don’t use good grammar.

      I hate come and go used as in ‘come see’ and ‘go do’ instead of ‘come and see’ and ‘go and do’. Also ‘gift’ used as a verb instead of ‘give’; this is not only wrong, it’s pointlessly wrong.

      When I was a child, asking ‘Can I leave the table ?’ was answered with ‘You can, but you may not.’

  2. kittycatkin

     /  10th January 2016

    There was a knock at the Pearly Gates, and St Peter said ‘Who is it ?’

    ‘It is I.’

    ‘Oh-not another English teacher !’


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