Who’s country?

If we had a New Zealand flag that showed us as belonged by someone how would it look?

This flag was adopted as our flag about halfway through the period when Great Britain dominated here, setting New Zealand up as a colony and sending many immigrants from the other side of the world. They dumped us in the 1970s but we have retained their Union Jack on our flag.



If you listen to some of the opponents of the TPPA, US ship visits and many other things involving the US we are effectively owned and ruled by the United States.


If you listen to Phil Twyford and Winston Peters New Zealand is in danger of being owned by China if we don’t stop immigration and foreign land purchases and investments.


Tino Rangatiratanga is officially recognised as the national Māori flag. Some Maori would like to take charge of New Zealand on their own but the Tino Rangatiratanga flag won’t be affected if we change our flag.


This could be Maorified more by replacing the Southern Cross with Matariki.


One of the flag change submissions comprised of just Matariki on a blue background.



It’s designer described it:

The Maori new year is Matariki. It is represented by The Seven Sisters (The Pleiedes) and is, amomgst other things, a symbol of renewal. The red, white and blue colours remind of Britain and the red and white stars of the old flag and New Zealand. I like my design because it represents us all and I like its simplicity and, I hope, its elegance. It’s also “flaggy” and not a logo.

But it is a logo. Matariki/Seven Sisters/Pleiedes is has been known as Mutsuraboshi (“six stars”) in Japan, and also and Subaru, meaning ‘unite’.



Best we stick with a logo that’s more exclusively used by New Zealand interests.


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  1. Patzcuaro

     /  24th January 2016

    if we are going to stick with the Colonial look how about the Union Jack in the top left, the Australian flag top right, Stars & Stripes bottom left and the Chinese flag bottom right.

  2. I don’t know who Who is, but I think you meant “Whose country?”

  3. Timoti

     /  24th January 2016

    You are right. But then I got panned for spelling “potatoe” as I had been taught. Perhaps Pete was taught in that grammatical way?

    • kittycatkin

       /  24th January 2016

      I don’t know who taught you to spell tt that way, but it is never correct and never has been.
      No teacher would teach a child that ‘who’s’ is anything other than a contraction of ‘who is’. I took it to be a typo.

      • kittycatkin

         /  24th January 2016

        There is a difference between spelling and grammar, of course.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  24th January 2016

          That’s a muder mystery to many.

          • kittycatkin

             /  25th January 2016

            I fear so, but I can never see why anyone could not see that ‘Me and John went out last night.’ is wrong, or why people use greengrocers’ apostrophes, or other horrors.


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