Ratana ritual

It’s odd to see how Ratana has become an annual ritual for politicians starting their year off.

But party leaders seem compelled to not miss out on the first opportunity of the year to get some publicity.

I can understand Labour associating with Ratana, they have had political connections going back to 1935. “The alliance with Rātana allowed Labour to hold on to all four Māori electorates from the 1940s until 1996” – Wikipedia.

John Key goes knowing that he is likely to get negative publicity. Like Key defends TPP as Ratana crowd boos.

That’s an odd way to kick of the year. I don’t think Key goes to many Grey Power or Greenpeace gatherings.

I think it would be viewed as very odd if party leaders flocked to an annual Catholic event, or a Destiny Church event. There must be many more votes up for grabs amongst those two denominations.

What has become a political ritual at Ratana seems weird.

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  1. Henry

     /  25th January 2016

    If JK had any balls he will say screw it I ain’t going and if the special people didn’t like it he should cut all money that go to that so called Church.

  2. rayinnz

     /  25th January 2016

    Remember the uproar when Miss Clark didn’t bother to go to Waitangi, same thing but a terrible insult because it is John Key

    • Ian

       /  25th January 2016

      Helen Clark said there were issues at Waitangi that had to be resolved and that she had a long standing invite to celebrate with Ngai Tahu. She went to the South Island and the Waitangi crowd were left floundering in her dust. Helen at her best.

  3. Pickled Possum

     /  25th January 2016

    Key arriving at Ratana Pa is often seen by Maori as the Easter bunny arriving at the north pole and trying to take over Christmas.

  4. kittycatkin

     /  25th January 2016

    To do Helen Clark justice, I don’t think that she didn’t bother…she was treated with such hostility and discourtesy one year that I can’t blame her for not wanting to go back for more.


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