Cunliffe to stand again

David Cunliffe says he’s ‘content to be the MP for New Lynn’ and intends to stand again in the election next year.

Cunliffe was demoted to 28th (of 32) in the Labour pecking order by Andrew Little last year and that was seen as a signal to Cunliffe to piss off, but he wants to hang in there.

NZ Herald reports: Cunliffe aiming for re-election

Labour MP David Cunliffe has had a bruising fall in politics but intends to run for Parliament again in 2017.

Since Labour’s disastrous election result under Mr Cunliffe’s leadership in 2014, he has lost the leadership and was demoted to the backbenches by leader Andrew Little in November, a clear hint he should reconsider his political future.

Yesterday, Mr Cunliffe said it was his intention to stand again despite the torrid 18 months he’d had. “That’s the plan. I’m happy to be the MP for New Lynn and I’ve got work to do there.”

He indicated he was hoping for redemption within caucus. “Politics is a rollercoaster. You know that and I’ve been around long enough to know that.”

I don’t think Cunliffe can ever get back to leadership level in Labour unless there’s a major influx of support into their caucus, and his prospects of rolling back up the coast under Little’s leadership look slim.

Mr Little had held out an olive branch of sorts, saying he would not rule out a move up the ranks for Mr Cunliffe. “When opportunities arise you see who’s the best fit for the job and you never rule anything out in that regard.”

“Never rule anything out” is not something Cunliffe should get excited about.

He said he had not discussed the 2017 selections with Mr Cunliffe or any other MP. “So, good on him. He’s got to make his decisions about what he does, it doesn’t surprise me at all.”

Little might have to be a bit pushier than that if he wants to clean out the other dead wood he shuffled down the Labour line up.

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  1. Henry

     /  26th January 2016

    Guy just can’t take a hint that he isn’t wanted.

  2. Brown

     /  26th January 2016

    I love this. Just when Labour are down and out one of their elite, inevitably a pansy man who is ashamed to be a man, stabs the body yet again in the belief doing so will see it burst into new life. Hopeless. Why not just have a funeral and get the grieving over with.

  3. Blazer

     /  26th January 2016

    Good to see hes not a quitter.Key said he would not continue in opposition.

    • Pantsdownbrown

       /  26th January 2016

      Good to see he’s just a trougher. Key said if he had any credibility and humility he should not continue in opposition.

  4. kittycatkin

     /  26th January 2016

    I don’t know why people think that MPs are in it for the money. For many it’s a drop in income, and I can think of few people who’d be prepared to put in their hours. One I knew was regularly doing 17 hour days, and although he was a Cabinet Minister, ordinary MPs do very long hours-and they’re on call 24/7.

    • jamie

       /  26th January 2016

      I agree kitty, and it must be a thankless 17-hour day a lot of the time too.

  5. jamie

     /  26th January 2016

    It’s clear that Cunliffe as leader was a mistake, but the guy is obviously talented. If he still wants to put in the hard work with little (heh) chance of personal advancement, then good on him.

    Labour could do with a few more with that attitude in my opinion.


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