New Zealand’s monarchist state, explained

NZ Herald cartoon today:

There’s a number of things that could be read from that.

Sports supporters who want to keep the current flag? I don’t think there are many England team fans in New Zealand, especially when the likes of the All Blacks or Black Caps or Silver Ferns or Black Ferns play them.

John Key? He likes the Queen and her honours system but wants a distinctive New Zealand flag.


I wonder if he wears his new flag lapel badge when he gets his knighthood.


Key at Ratana, January 2016

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  1. Brown

     /  28th January 2016

    ‘… but wants a distinctive New Zealand flag.’

    Nope, just wants to distract you from more important stuff.

  2. You got it Brown!

    In his “editorial letter” entitled ‘A national rut’ in the Northland Age on Tues Peter Dunne seems to be arguing along the same lines as Key, “changing our national ensign … should have been a no-brainer” he says.

    He then makes an interesting point though, “stuck with the current drab flag for another century or so, the government will probably conclude … the lack of enthusiasm … shows no public appetite for wider constitutional change”.

    Constitutional change was never on the agenda, of course, but “identity” was, in the form of a side-line web page where citizens could “carve” a few words into a flagpole (FFS) with no indication the ‘appointed’ Flag Consideration Panel would take the slightest notice of it or any mechanism for ensuring this. Virtual ‘Bread and Circuses’.

    This is as close to straight out deception for me to call it straight out deception. Result: they’ve got us either way. No new flag: No “agreed” change. New flag: No “agreed” change.

    Dunne goes on to talk about “other changes” we ought to be considering, notably the Oath of Allegiance. Several of his other ideas I have no problem with. Matariki Day replaces Queen’s Birthday, Parihaka Day replaces Guy Fawkes. However, I disagree that embracing other ideas necessarily means embracing the new flag. These things, which are all “identity matters” are not mutually inclusive.

    I agree with Dunne about “giving young people the opportunity to debate these changes” – for everyone to seriously debate the issue of Kiwi identity – and that the future belongs to them – and I wonder why National hasn’t? And I wonder why Kiwis didn’t take up the extremely limited opportunities offered? And why we didn’t demand more opportunities, at the time?

    Perhaps the first to ask is “do we have a distinct identity any longer”?
    Or are we just the “units of production and consumption” of NZ Corp for which – not for “whom” but for which – for the sake of the Corporation – our CEO, John Key, wants a new corporate logo?

  3. Blazer

     /  28th January 2016

    he always looks uncomfortable with a beer in his hand….sure he prefers wine.

  4. Zedd

     /  28th January 2016

    Is that a ‘full strength beer’.. or just LITE ? 🙂

  5. Zedd

     /  28th January 2016

    Key would have us believe he is just ‘one of the boys’.. but the reality is about 1million miles from that.. on millionaires row ! 😦


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