Newshub has been going for a day now and I have seen some aesthetic improvements but how it works will depend on news content. And so far content looks to be much the same as last week.

I like the look and feel of the Newshub website, that’s certainly an improvement.

I think the name change was worth a go. 3 News would always sound like it’s an also ran behind One News so it makes sense to ditch the number.

The new name may work out ok but visually it’s mixed.

Newshub at a glance looked to me like New shub, others thought it was Newshrub.

The logo makes it clear how the words are split:

Newshub - News from New Zealand

But when shown as text they have a problem. NewsHub, Newshub or Newshub may help, but I guess we’ll get used to it and forget about the word distinction.

However success of Newshub will depend on whether they can succeed in providing a compelling option for an integrated news platform.

This will be difficult in an increasingly fragmented media and news world. Fewer people have a favourite news provider and are increasingly likely to browse via Facebook or Twittter.

I like the Newshub website more than the old 3 News site. It’s clear and easy to find their Politics page.

But competing with them (for me) is another new hub for political news that gives me a much broader picture, which is what I want.

I an finding the NZ politics/media list on Facebook far more useful than any one news site.

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  1. Bob

     /  2nd February 2016

    On the broadcast tv version is the background shot of a control room real? Suspect it may be fake?

    • Pantsdownbrown

       /  2nd February 2016

      That would match the fake churnalists they employ………

    • clan destiny

       /  2nd February 2016

      Do any of yous illumined ones ever seek info from other news providers? Or is it only the scripted, manipulating ‘stuff’ that NZ MSM offers?
      What are these places and why do yous go there?

  2. kittycatkin

     /  2nd February 2016

    Even though I know it’s news hub, it’s hard not to read it as new shub 😀 I didn’t see 3 News as anything other than a number, and can’t see any justification for spending whatever it’s cost to change it. The changes seem to be cosmetic, and I am unimpressed by the enormous weather graphics which make the weather girl look like a midget.People will watch it or they won’t; I can’t see anyone changing from One because of a name, any more than I’d change back to One if it called itself Newsday or something like that. We began watching 3 because it had a bit less sport and didn’t have weather at the beginning, middle and end-and it didn’t have Jim Hickey.

  3. kittycatkin

     /  2nd February 2016

    How about Newspeak for a name ? Newspace ?

  4. kittycatkin

     /  2nd February 2016

    Their story about that chef being found dead in Switzerland was stale news; it was announced at the weekend.

    • Gezza

       /  2nd February 2016

      They should maybe just tweak the logo to read NewsHub. Still, I suspect they’re going to be NewShub for many of us just for the ongoing amusement value 🙂

  5. Blazer

     /  2nd February 2016

    the day for topless weather presenters is not far away.


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