Wane Oil

Whale Oil likes to talk up their ratings, and they have done that today in Another month, another good month, but things aren’t as good as they were.

They top the Open Parachute rankings again, but show a significant decline from January last year, while Kiwiblog, The Standard and The Daily Blog have all increased.

Whale Oil visits/month:

  • 2014 – 886,689
  • 2015 – 1,549,207
  • 2016 – 1,120,747

That’s a 28% decline from last year.

Whale Oil is in a league of it’s own compared to other blogs, being the only one that isn’t run as a hobby – revenue appears to be required to cover two incomes.

They sometimes present themselves as Whale Oil Media but they are also in a different league to the big media sites – ones they often criticise, especially the Herald but Newshub copped a blast today.

As a comparison Alexa has New Zealand rankings:

  • The Daily Blog – 1050th
  • YourNZ – 830th (which means take these rankings with a grain of salt)
  • The Standard – 669th
  • Kiwiblog – 324th
  • Whale Oil – 179th
  • Radio NZ – 153th
  • 3 News – 138th
  • One News – 25th
  • NZ Herald – 10th
  • Stuff – 7th

Whale Oil appears to be on the wane but are still doing well, especially relative to other blogs. However they are nowhere near competing at the top of New Zealand media – nor are they resourced or staffed anything like them, so they aren’t doing bad for a duo.

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  1. Gezza

     /  2nd February 2016

    The Daily Bog? 🙂 Deliberate or accidental typo?

  2. Mike C

     /  2nd February 2016


    You’ve beaten the Daily Blog 🙂

    The Standard will be starting to look over their shoulders now. LOL.


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