Peters a million dollar muck raker?

After acting indignant about a minor dig from John Key in Parliament that he either took major exception to or saw it as an excuse for getting some media attention – see Peters back to barrel scraping  – Winston Peters has proven he is as adept as any politician in making up allegations.

In Question Time on Wednesday Key suggested that Peters spent time in his Northland electorate on his boat fishing – “Not if you count time in your electorate being on a boat, fishing”.

Just prior to that Peters had himself made a claim without proof (and unprovable) – “is it not a fact that I have spent more time in my electorate in the space of just 9 months than he has for the whole time he has been an MP in his electorate?”

Peters followed this up with a $100k challenge to Key to prove his jibe. Key declined.

Then yesterday Peters made the headlines again.

Winston Peters demands explanation after being barred from school bus

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is demanding an explanation from the Education Minister — after being barred from travelling on a school bus.

In a press release titled, “Minister throws Peters off bus”, the MP for Northland said he was today scheduled to visit the Mangakahia Area School, which is at Titoki about 23km northwest of Whangarei.

The community there has been campaigning against the amount of dust thrown up from unsealed roads.

However, Ministry of Education officials informed organisers that the NZ First leader would not be able to join the children on their school bus, as planned.

He suspected that directive came from the National Party, that “will stop at nothing to thwart the Northland MP from doing his job”.

“Minister of Education Hekia Parata must provide answers as to today’s appalling and disgraceful decision-making.”

So Peters has accused the National Party of interfering. This is from his press release:

Northland Bus Ban Just Petty Bullying

Banning Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters from a bus was an act of petty bullying by the government, the MP says.

“For Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye and ministry officials to claim my presence would breach a certificate of loading is bizarre.

“This is a government pushing their officials to tell porkies, to cover up a nightmare of political decision making that went so horribly wrong. They bullied the bus company.

“For the Associate Minister to say, as the media reported, that there were safety concerns if a bunch of politicians went on board with the schoolchildren is absurd.

“This was about one MP, who is a former teacher, has a police clearance, and was invited by parents and a school principal, being banned for political reasons.

“Now we have the government resorting to a cover-up described appropriately by broadcaster Willie Jackson and his commentator today as Busgate – that’s when those in power lie to cover up wrongdoings.

There’s serious repeated accusations of lying to cover to cover something up.

Radio NZ reported:  The wheels on the bus grind to a halt for Peters

Mr Peters was going to take a trip on a school bus in his Northland electorate today but was stopped from doing so after the Education Ministry alerted Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye’s office.

Ms Kay said it was an operational decision based on safety concerns, not a political one.

The Herald explained:

Kim Shannon, the Ministry of Education’s head of the education infrastructure service, said its transport agent had been advised by Ritchies that Mr Peters wanted to travel on the bus.

“Ritchies had health and safety concerns about this. Under the terms of Ritchie’s contract, they are not able to carry adults or any other ineligible passengers without our permission.”

The bus is a 20-seater vehicle and Ritchies advised that it carried 20 primary and secondary aged students on it.

“Our transport agent advised us that carrying Mr Peters and other adults in his party would placed the company at risk of exceeding the limits of the Certificate of Loading and could mean not all children would get seats,” Ms Shannon said.

“As this request was made at such short notice, it wasn’t possible to ensure that we could ensure the health and safety of the children on the bus under these circumstances. We informed our agent to turn down the request.”

If more notice had been given Mr Peters may have been allowed on the bus, Ms Shannon said.

In John Key turns down Winston Peters’ challenge to find a photo of him fishing in Northland Stuff reported:

Peters says Key should apologise, “pay $100,000 to a Northland charity of my choosing, and stop wasting Parliament’s Question Time with such blatant untruths.”

If Peters thinks a jibe in Question Time is worth $100k how much should he have to pay if his accusations of lying are blatant untruths?

Peters is well known for making things up to attack MPs and not substantiating his accusations.

Does this make him a million dollar muck raker? Or can he back up his claims of Ministers lying with some substance?

Another point – I can’t see any indication when this bus saga happened. Monday was a public holiday and Peters was in Parliament at least on Tuesday and Wednesday, so when was he denied a school bus ride, and why was the story put out yesterday?

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  1. Methinks “Winston Peters has proven he is as adept as any politician in making up allegations” is not a fair assessment.
    It surely would be more accurate to say “Winston Peters has proven he is better than just about all politicians in making up allegations.” 😊

    I look forward to further chapters commenting on the relative propensity of politicians to lie and their history of doing it.

    • Couldn’t agree more duperez. 🙂 Problem is, future chapters will continue to be all about Winston Peters, not “politicians”. He’s the perfect diversion … what do they call it … ‘kicking boy’ or something … object of derision. (I wonder if his race has anything to do with that?)

      The more I think about it, the more I conclude the guy is actually a political genius. He can’t be pinned down as ‘left’ or ‘right’. Shiftiest of the shifty. The perfect chameleon in a game where the others can’t afford to change colour. A constant, unpredictable cat among the pigeons. Top player in the sad reality of the politics game.

      He squeezes political mileage and publicity out of things like this “school bus ride” just like any other politician, disregarding the ‘facts’ of the matter, just like any other politician, except he arguably does it better than any other politician?

      This is not to say I agree with all his behaviour by a long shot. I thoroughly dislike his “Orewa Speech” and his thoughtless position on many bicultural and racial issues, especially when he is MP for Northland, the most populace Maori electorate. Just because there is a Te Tai Tokerau seat doesn’t mean Peters represents only White Northlanders. He’s in danger of becoming “the boy who cried wolf” or some such thing, the “Brown-nosing” Brown-noser.

      All things considered NZ politics is enriched by Peters as is Northland currently. But he needs to be careful. He may be getting a little old for tightrope walking.

      • For clarity that should probably read, “the Brown “Brown-nosing” Whitey brown-noser” … or something … evidence perhaps of his lack of categorisation?

        I predict that one day people will say, “Why didn’t we listen to this guy, and the Greens, about upgrading and using ‘railways'”? Like they say, “Why didn’t we listen to Dove-Meyer Robinson about light-rail in Auckland”?

      • Pickled Possum

         /  12th February 2016

        Morena Parti, may I call you Parti?

        “A constant, unpredictable cat among the pigeons.
        Top player in the sad reality of the politics game.”

        Could not agree with you more, which makes him so important to have in the political arena. Some one who is not afraid of what others think, does not give a hoot one way or the other, not one bit, just says it as He knows it to be, maybe not we think it should be.

        He is always derided in the press, everywhere he is put down, the butt of many jokes
        except not many if any say it kanohi ki te kanohi.
        He has a quick wit that not one MP of any colour creed or race can match,
        drunk tipsy or sober he has a answer for every stupid or great question fired at him
        .This is what I believe makes him a marked man as well as turning his back on National all those years ago, and in some Maori eyes he is seen as a kupapa.

        It seems the only ones to love this wiry battler openly are the English OAP.
        There is also a big following of young people that love his stance on life not just English or Maori, just don’t go to his many hui and in our house people smile when they talk of Winnie but as all our political voting is private I do not know who supports him in the booth.

        His address to Orewa was a real kick in the nono for some of us but once we get over the kaupapa he is pertaining to we will say, “Look at all his good works he has done for all NZ non Maori and Maori”.

        This is what happens when a Maori is well educated in the English way, the blood that runs through his veins is royal blue just like us all and when the blood reaches oxygen it then turns red, with a great deal of passion in Winston’s korero.

        He is the closest to a one people country person more than any one else in NZ imo.
        He does not pander to the Maori or the English he just says it like he knows/thinks it to be,
        whether we agree or like it or not.

        I wish he was younger so he could be around to poke the forked tongued ones in the side for a lot longer, because there is a huge battle coming and as Plato says
        “Only the dead have seen the end of war”.

        • If Possum is okay with you, Parti is fine by me. Kia ora Possum.

          I do enjoy your take on things. (Can’t make an inflexion over the ‘e’ but I believe either word is correct?)

          I don’t feel as certain as you about Winston’s position on race relations and biculturalism though. I have a feeling Aotearoa-New Zealand will never be a “one people country” but is moving towards a very healthy future as a “one country, many peoples, bicultural country”. Whatever results, I hope it is hauora?

          hauora mō te iwi katoa : healthy for all people.

          Ae to your last, ae and ae. I don’t see anyone on the horizon to fill his boots.
          Often though, very often, someone steps up to the plate. Nature abhors a vacuum.

          natula whakarihariha te korehau. “the children of the dusty road”

          • Pickled Possum

             /  12th February 2016

            Tena koe e hoa

            yes I believe also that Aotearoa will never be a one people country, just I think that Winston is the only person to advocate one.
            Blue or Red – Right or Wrong all written in black and white.
            I feel that the more people of different origins that settle in NZ the further we are from becoming a “one country, many peoples, bi-cultural country”.

            This I experience from being a brown skinned person and when I go to Sweden next year to greet whanau of another mother,
            will I be treated with aroha or suspicion by the populace ?
            Will it be the the same when I go to Belfast to be greeted by my Catholic Irish family?
            Will I be treated differently by all just because of the colour of my skin and the straightness of my back and to those who say PFFFFF…. not so!!!!
            I bet they wear the white skin of world wide acceptance.

            I am not bothered to too much about who wins in te Pakeha Maori great saga as I am both but just make these statements as a way of getting my kaupapa Maori across.
            I am very passionate/fierce in my korero when some one makes an uneducated slight against MY perceived taha Maori (not-never talking about you) 🙂
            so my usual humble nature can sometimes be an aggressive one.

            I am now reminded of something Kurt Kobain sang
            “Come on people now, smile on your brother and
            everybody get together, try to love one another right now”

            “When I was an Alien
            Cultures weren’t opinions”

            Ka pai to ra
            Nga mihi nui

            • Possum – tenei wahi he waimarie ki te whai koutou – I do believe that.

              And, yes, all of us too.

              Proposition: A Culture only looks like opinion if it is so pervasive it cannot perceive or identify itself? Therefore, it is the Alien?

              “Lost in Materialism” …. “Danger, Danger Will Robinson!” …

              I may have misunderstood? :-/

              You say, “I feel that the more people of different origins that settle in NZ the further we are from becoming a “one country, many peoples, bi-cultural country”. I am aware of this feeling among many people and I’m kind of sorry to hear it. I think and hope the “bedrock” of a Constitution is bicultural. I have difficulty forseeing otherwise.

              “Blue or Red – Right or Wrong all written in black and white”.
              Yes, or as Shakespeare put it in Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”.

              Will you document your journey to visit whanau in Europe? It would be fascinating and informative I think. 🙂

              Tena koe,
              “the white skin of world wide acceptance”
              You have quite a turn of phrase.

  2. Blazer

     /  12th February 2016

    can Key back up his claim?Of course not…he should have learned by now not to cross Peters…he gets shown up every time.

    • Pantsdownbrown

       /  12th February 2016

      Winston 2011 Q & A session – NZ Herald;

      11:29 Comment From David “Hey winston, What’s your favorite kind of Tea? ;)”

      11:30 Winston Peters: “It was Dilmah, but I’m moving to a new brand. Honest-tea”

      So there you have it from the horses mouth, he only decided to be honest from 2011 onwards – so based on that fact I believe he didn’t go fishing.

      • You believe what politicians say!? Holy hell PDB, your condition is worse than I thought.

        • Pantsdownbrown

           /  12th February 2016

          Politicians statements are near the very bottom of the believability pile just a smidgen above car salesman patter which in itself is above your overlong & often pointless comments within this blog………

          • Thanks for that “acknowledgement” PDB. You’re not exercising your incisive wit today it appears? Overlong … etc … that’s freedom of speech for ya PDB.

            I believe politicians have taken over the least trusted position from car salesmen. Poli’s are ‘rock bottom’ now.

            Do you (and others) really want a blogsite where all you do is slap each others’ Centre-Right and Right-Wing backs? A National Party self-congratulations and KRAS blog?

            KRAS = Key Reverence and Adoration Syndrome.

            • Rob

               /  13th February 2016

              Yes Partisan, that is exactly what pantsdown would like to see. They can then all sit around and pat each other on the back, Good show old boy! But yournz would then die a slow excruciating death as they suddenly realized, the lefties have gone and now we have no one to abuse and call names, no one to whine about. They may even begin to eat their own (which could be fun to watch). All PGs efforts would have been in vain.
              As for polis, how do you tell if a politician is lying. Their lips are moving.

  3. alloytoo

     /  12th February 2016

    So, Peters has just put a 100k bounty on his own fishing activity…..spread the word.

    • kittycatkin

       /  12th February 2016

      Don’t get all excited, I don’t think that it’s open to the rest of us 😦

  4. Brown

     /  12th February 2016

    Anytime Peters asks for money you just point out that he already has $158,000 (or whatever it was) that he’s are not entitled to.

    Its easy for Peters though because he’ll never be in power so will never have to do anything except spout ideas he will never have to pay for. The sooner he goes the better.

  5. Pete Kane

     /  12th February 2016

    I’m sorry to say this is one of the most petulant articles published on this normally very fine site. I’m polite enough not to use any number of other ‘p’ words that come to mind.


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