Trump in South Carolina

It looks like Donald Trump looks like will win the Republican primary in South Carolina.

With two thirds of the votes reported:

  • Trump 33.2%
  • Rubio 22.2%
  • Cruz 21.7%
  • Kasich 8.0%
  • Bush 8.0%
  • Carson 6.9%

Interesting to see Rubio and Cruz fairly level, Rubio has recovered since New Hampshire – he needed to.

The big question from now is if/when Carson and Bush pull out, and Kasich (I don’t think he was ever expected to get very far), how much of their support will go to Trump and where the not-Trump vote will go.

UPDATE: this was expected:

Jeb Bush is about to suspend his campaign for president, according to @PrestonCNN.


Kasich: “That’s where we’re going to go, all the way to the nomination in Cleveland, Ohio, and I’m going to take you with me.”

Where might Bush votes go? (It will vary state to state).

Depending on where the large ‘don’t know’ might go that’s a slight advantage to Rubio, notably over Cruz, albeit out of quite a small pool.

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  1. Nelly Smickers

     /  21st February 2016

    Wayne just did a huge hand-pump!



  2. Blazer

     /  21st February 2016

    so Mitt will hop into the race soon no doubt.

  3. Timoti

     /  21st February 2016

    God bless the Trump way.

    1- Common bloody sense.
    2- Saying no to Washington chicken little boot lickers.
    3- Destroying accepted politically correct sensibilities.
    4- Giving MSM the fingers.

    Even if Trump ultimately loses, voters will see the newly elected President for what she/he is- a do nothing waste of space. They will have a one term presidency thanks to Trump.

    • Timoti

       /  21st February 2016

      Lol…no need to worry about the comb over. However, that picture is a bit of worry given Trump wants to tap more than a few people. And Hillary already has a high body count herself. That photo represents a morticans dream.

  4. Mike C

     /  21st February 2016

    Jeb Bush has now pulled out of the race.

    I am dying to know the details of the deal that Trump made with the Republican Party Heirachy about six months or so ago 🙂


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