Palino’s Whale sized problems

John Palino found out at his Auckland mayoralty campaign launch yesterday that he is going to find it difficult separating himself from Cameron Slater and Whale Oil.

In response to a question Palino said “Whaleoil is NOT working for me. Why do you keep saying that?”

The answer is obvious, and the question is likely to keep being asked through Palino’s campaign.

Palino has engaged one of Slater’s closest associates Simon Lusk to run his campaign.

Another long time Slater associate Carrick Graham was assisting Palino at his launch yesterday.


John Palino and Carrick Graham at mayoralty campaign launch

And it was reported that Slater arranged an interview for Palino with Fairfax that was published in the weekend.

Slater was heavily involved in the Len Brown affair revelations after the last election, which included apparent attempts to force Brown out of office. There were suggestions of blackmail and fabricated evidence.

Palino says he knew nothing about all this but these associations are likely to hover over his campaign unless he can find a way of dealing with them.

At his launch Palino said “I don’t play dirty”.  So why his he using two central characters of ‘Dirty Politics’, Lusk and Graham, with the star of dirt Slater apparently involved?

At the very least that’s a very risky political gamble.

And his first response to media didn’t help his ‘no dirt’ insistence

“Look I don’t know why people are going on about that. I wasn’t the one caught with his pants down in the Ngati Whatua Room. Next question please.”

That low blow appeared like a hammy delivery of a prepared line straight out of a Whale’s mouth. In fact there are numerous examples of similar at Whale Oil. Like this from last June:

Today’s face of the day is Auckland Mayor Len Brown who may end up better known for breaking his promises to rate payers than being caught with his pants down in the Ngati Whatua room.

Palino has a huge challenge trying to separate himself from Whale Oil and dirt.

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  1. Nelly Smickers

     /  1st March 2016

    I do find my huzband soo frustrating sometimes!

    Like this morning, I quickly showed this post to Wayne before he headed off work. All he said was, “Sounds to me like Palino’s backers are just out to make certain people wish they had kept them inside the tent pissing out, instead of outside pissing in”

    MEN! Why must they insist on talking in riddles? 😦

  2. For a minute there I thought Palino would end up blubbering but then realised he is, the whole time, inescapably.

    • Gezza

       /  1st March 2016

      It was the weirdest interview I’ve seen on TV One. The reporter was having fun. Palino wasn’t.

    • He was so close to the tear factory it wasn’t funny – it was downright embarrassing. He’s also never heard the old “lie down with dogs and you’ll get up with fleas” story.

      Weak, emotional, ineffectual. Last cycle, the man couldn’t capitalise on the fact he KNEW the incumbent Mayor was breaking Tapu in the Ngati Whatua and all over Auckland before the election. He knew “My name is Len Brown, I’m in your town” was deeply madly in love and lust with a woman young enough to be his daughter and was carrying on in Mayoral chambers and all around the town. If the fact it only came out after the election wasn’t poor enough political machinations, the worst of it is that he’s now let team tainted (with the Slater connection )back into his world. His judgement alone means he’s unfit for the job.

      Machiavelli would turn in his grave.


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