NZ’s Trump, Bob Jones?

Does Bob Jones deserve the title of New Zealand’s Donald Trump?

Or is Donald Trump the United States’ Bob Jones.

But Jones says that Trump is spectacularly ignorant.

I haven’t seen Ben Uffindel or The Civilian for quite a while. He has NZ on Air funding and a website called Watch Me.

He compares Trump and Jones, and asks Jones about it.

Season 1: Episode 7 NZ’s Donald Trump? PG

The Civilian tracks down Sir Bob Jones and accuses him of being New Zealand’s Donald Trump. Bob responds with a critique of our reporter’s questions, intelligence and fashion sense. It would be safe to say Sir Bob Jones does not see himself as New Zealand’s Donald Trump. He does however see Gareth Morgan as a ‘goose’.

“You should get Gareth on, he’d talk about himself for ever”.

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  1. Pythagoras

     /  3rd March 2016

    I thought Terry, oops sorry, Mr Serepisos, was NZ’s Donald Trump.

    • Kevin

       /  3rd March 2016

      Except Trump has the nous to know how to use insolvency laws to his own advantage.

      • kittycatkin

         /  4th March 2016

        How ? I could look it up, but if you can give me some idea, I’d be very grateful. I suppose that he’d say that he’s failed but come back, which is true-but I’d like to know. I bet that if it was within the law, it was only just within it.

  2. Hmm, I don’t think either would appeal too much as a President of New Zealand, despite the wealth that Trump claims. I do however detect a certain native cunningness in Trump’s appeal to the frightened and angry US citizens who want to look back to the past as something to aspire to. Remember that Trump wants to become the leader of the Abraham Lincolln party. I confess that I did not understand the extent of US anger at the present White House Administration. But having watched and listened to comments from some very senior US Military and Civilian Officials in the last year, and looking at the statements they made about the extent to which they blame the Obama Democratic Socialist ideology for the strategic failures by the US administration in the last decade, I now have a better feeling for the reasons behind the anger and fear. I am also absolutely certain that the concerns about how Trump would behave as President are exaggerated, and the moderating influences of the reality and pressures put on the exercise of the Presidency will prevail, as demonstrated in the past! US Business leaders and the leaders of the Armed Forces of the US have access to the best strategic intelligence available in a global sense, so Trump’s decisions will still be informed by the best minds available. He is already moderating the mongel appeal he has used up to now. I believe the US will make the right decision, the alternatie is too horrible to contemplate.

    • Jeeves

       /  3rd March 2016

      And much as I think he ,Trump, is a despicable person, I watched him at the weekend, and he exactly mirrored several of my strong lines of thought about what US needs to do- namely start rebuilding its infrastructure.
      I read in NatGeo 15 years ago that there were over a million ,yes a million bridges and overpasses in dire need of maintenance, because the money to fix them was being spent on military efforts.
      America is de facto 3rd world.

      The outspent the CCCP to win the cold war, and now they are in dire risk of fighting their way into a pre-apocalyptic ruination.

      If they ever succeed in stealing all the oil, they’ll have no roads left to use it on.

      America became the great nation it used to be up until the 70s by having a foreign policy that largely avoided any conflict involving foreigners, and they need to get back there.

      When was the last time you bought anything that said “Made in the USA” ?

      They are seriously fucked as far the home front is concerned- and whether his Mexican wall is metaphorical or real… He is the first “President”I’ve seen since god knows, who actually has said “We need to fix America”.

      As far as Hillary is concerned, Hes right on the money Öur foreign exploits are a total mess.

      And ironically, if there is a single beneficial talent he may possess- its building.
      Amazing that a human as vacuous as he is still looking better than twenty years of Washingtons finest.

      • kittycatkin

         /  4th March 2016

        Anyone could make big promises-I could do that-does he say where the money’s coming from ? It’s too late to topple China and India and other Eastern countries from their places in manufacturing.

        I have known old Russians (and some not old) who, God help them, harked back to the days of Stalin. He seems to be appealing to the equivalent of those people.

        He talks big, but unless I’ve missed something, he’s all hui and no do-ey.

      • kittycatkin

         /  4th March 2016

        L’Oreal cosmetics !

  3. Pete Kane

     /  3rd March 2016

    “He has NZ on Air funding …….”. Interesting. You should put your paw out Pete.


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