Future of Work conference

Labour party live tweets from their Future of Work conference.

Getting down to business : “I will be running this like a military operation, albeit, a friendly one” FutureofWorkNZ

has the intellectual grunt to lead this work.


No one must be left out, no one must be left behind.

Change is a constant but the pace is warp speed in digital era.

Thousands have responded:You want work to be meaningful, you have talked about the dignity work provides.

The value of work goes beyond just the income it provides.

We have to confront inequality – the gap between rich and the rest has continued to grow.

10 Big Ideas are a snapshot of the thinking that has emerged from Commission

As many of you can see the economy has worn me down – the small but perfectly formed

The TPP will make it more and more difficult for democracies to protect their people from the very wealthy.

Lifelong learning won’t be a luxury in the future: it’s something we will all have to build into our lives.

Education not just a private investment, it’s a public good. It makes a nation’s workforce work better and smarter.


You have to take the risk – putting out progressive ideas that weren’t yesterday’s ideas.

Facebook boss says Facebook has the biggest unpaid labour force in the world.

This is the first working class in history whose education is higher than the work they’re asked to do.

The thought of 30 years of full time employment does not excite the juices – we have to think outside the box.

We need to reconceptualise work; it’s not just a bloody job.

The class nature of politics is crucial – so other classes can’t pinch the agenda.

“The distribution of security is more unequal today than the distribution of income.

Ye are many, they are few: Shelley.

Grant Robertson’s Future of Work Conference opening speech



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