Make love, not text

Put your passengers first. Drive Phone Free

This is quite funny. I don’t know if it will be effective.

I haven’t seen it anywhere else. – seen via Facebook: Daily Telegraph

VIDEO: New Zealand’s awkward anti-texting driver campaign could be a winner.
Credit: YouTube/NZ Transport Agency.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  31st March 2016

    You couldn’t pay me enough to drive and text. I saw a courier doing it at a busy intersection-as he went through, I mean-in the CBD and rang the company-better to hear it from me than from the boys in blue, especially if they had to break the news that there’d been a fatal accident.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  31st March 2016

      It’s obvious that someone-the downvoter-finds texting and driving acceptable and thinks that it is safe to do in heavy traffic-they wouldn’t take any action, I suppose. I can only hope that they don’t find out the hard way what a dangerous practice it is.

      • Don’t knock Oliver Miss Kitty, he’s the downvoter who’s also your biggest follower … the one who ALWAYS reads your comments and always lets you know he’s read them … 😎

      • Pantsdownbrown

         /  31st March 2016

        Don’t take it personally KC – the down-voter doesn’t dislike your comment, they dislike you!

  2. Pickled Possum

     /  31st March 2016

    Hahahaha that was real funny and if we did that who is to say we won’t go off the road in sheer horror at the thought of some one making under hand advances to ya. Those guys faces in the last bit of the video is just so funni. 🙂 and I hope it plays on the google box at dinner time when people are watching it and not making conversation.

    • Nice subtlety and I like the overall message … Challenges some stereotypes along the way.

      • A song for our times as much as the 1980s when it was first released, not necessarily written about but often associated with drink driving –

        hoki hoa tūturu

        • Clemgeopin

           /  31st March 2016

          What does ‘hoki hoa tūturu’ mean here? There was no translation available for tūturu online.

          • @ Clem – Can I call you Clem? That’s my Google translator Maori. Don’t really know why I wrote it there.

            It just means, “for real friends” …


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