Helen Clark’s bid for top UN job

While it hasn’t been officially announced yet it’s being widely reported that a nomination for Helen Clark for the position of the United Nations Secretary General is expected to become official today.

This is no surprise. It has been signalled as a possibility for months.

John Key has already indicated strong support for Clark as Secretary General.

One News reports:

It’s believed the Prime Minister spent some time lobbying for her at last week’s nuclear summit in the United States.

However Clark has geography against her, with some expectation that it is Eastern Europe’s ‘turn’.

Clark is currently Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme



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  1. Brown

     /  5th April 2016

    Rachel Smalley mentioned the East European Bulgarian women but pointed out the downsides – including that she was a communist. Just like Clark is today. No-one who is remotely conservative, capable or on the right of politics will ever be in charge of the UN. Clark is well placed to take the shambles that is the UN to the next level of incompetence. Its also ironic that a devout communist who loves taxes doesn’t pay any herself on her salary.

  2. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  5th April 2016

    She’s too old. If she got the appointment she’d be 67 when she took up office.
    Time to put her feet up and start crocheting.

    • spanish_tudor

       /  5th April 2016

      On the contrary Maggy, Clark must be kept occupied so she doesn’t start meddling in NZ politics again. A ten-year stint as UNSG should do the trick….

      • Maggy Wassilieff

         /  5th April 2016

        Oh, she would be well occupied with some intricate picots and popcorn puffs.

      • Brown

         /  5th April 2016

        Old communists don’t die, they live on on T shirts so I think I’ll print the T shirt now to go with all the other iconic T shirts morons love proclaiming those other inspiring communist supposed freedom campaigners that have gone before while killing millions who got in the way. I am appalled that Key would endorse someone so fundamentally opposed to the National Party vision – well, the old one at least.

  3. Nelly Smickers

     /  5th April 2016

    As Wayne sez, “Behind every great woman, there is a guy looking at her ass” XD

  4. Zedd

     /  5th April 2016

    “Good onya Helen.. go for it !” 😀

    interesting that Key is apparently making positive noises, about his once ‘political foe’ (on TPPA & now UN Sec. Gen. job) ?? WTF :/

  5. jamie

     /  5th April 2016

    Everyone says she’ll do a good job, but how will anyone know?

    Is the current guy doing a good job? Have any of the others done a bad job?

    It seems such a distant thing from most of our lives that it’s hard to know how us ordinary people would ever measure success or failure.

    Or is it the case that to rise to those heights you have to be so amazingly competent that they’re all going to be good at it?


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