Trump and Sanders via Google

Some interesting analysis of how Donoald Trump’s popularity is reflected with Google searches at Market Watch in Are people losing interest in Donald Trump? This chart points to yes

Search traffic on Google for Trump’s name has fallen drastically since it peaked on Super Tuesday, according to data from Google Trends. The most recent numbers show “Donald Trump” searches are down 75% from his best day in March.


This suggests that success prompts Google searches while stuff ups turn both voters and online searchers off.

This chart suggests that massive media coverage may have driven interest in Trump, until he stuffed up one time too many.


In comparison Bernie Sanders seems to have generated Google interest despite getting less media coverage.


This suggests that Sanders is attracting increasing interest despite getting far less media coverage.


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  1. Pete Kane

     /  9th April 2016

    “This suggests that Sanders is attracting increasing interest despite getting far less media coverage.”

    Evidently rather than suggests is my view. This NY thing is (and I know everyone says this) really going to be an interesting ‘litmus test’ on how the media cover politics. Actually Pete despite all the hassles (and I know there’s many), for an ‘off election’ year there’s a lot of fun to be had on NZs one political forum (ie the others are all blogs – just reminding the ‘new boys’ of the difference between us and them).

  2. spanish_tudor

     /  9th April 2016

    The high level of Google and media interest for Sanders is also due to the fact that Hillary Clinton has been around forever, and is a much more widely-known quantity. Our impressions (positive or negative) of Clinton are probably already well-formed; for Sanders, less so.

  3. Kitty Catkin

     /  9th April 2016

    How obvious, ST, but it wasn’t to me -oh dear 😦


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