Greens and foreign banks

The Greens recently released policy to promote Kiwibank over Australian owned banks.

More Green MPs than not deal with Kiwibank (or TSB, a New Zealand owned bank). Only three of them have mortgages with foreign owned banks and one has a Kiwisaver account with one.

All MPS are free to choose which banks they do business with, and may have good reasons for dealing with non-New Zealand owned banks.

Steffan Browning

  • Kiwibank Kiwisaver

David Clendon

  • ASB Bank – mortgage

Marama Davidson – none

Catherine Delahunty

  • ASB Bank KiwiSaver
  • Kiwibank – mortgage

Julie Anne Genter

  • Kiwibank – mortgage

Dr Kennedy Graham

  • Kiwibank KiwiSaver
  • Kiwibank – mortgage

Kevin Hague

  • Kiwibank – mortgage

Gareth Hughes

  • ASB Bank – KiwiSaver
  • Westpac Bank – mortgage

Jan Logie

  • Bank of New Zealand – mortgage

Mojo Mathers

  • Kiwibank – mortgage

Denise Roche

  • TSB Bank – mortgage

James Shaw

  • Kiwibank Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver

Metiria Turei

  • Kiwibank – mortgage

Source: 2016 Register of Pecuniary Interests






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  1. Zedd

     /  12th April 2016

    🙂 cool

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  12th April 2016

    Oh dear, the loony Left want to nationalise the banks. Doesn’t the Reserve Bank cause enough trouble for them? Kiwi bank has just closed its branch in Paihia and moved to an agency in a bookshop. Meanwhile the evil Aussie banks all keep their branches open there.

    Never mind, I’m sure a few billion taxpayers’ dollars would fix that.

  3. Corky

     /  13th April 2016

    Good to see most Greenies living by theIr principles. To continue the momentum I suggest they ditch their smart phones, especially Jan Logie, and implement a high tech Pneumatic Tube network above the highways and byways of Aotearoa. Fresh air doesn’t come greener, except in China.


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