High support for medical cannabis

The latest One News/Colmar Brunton poll included a question on medical cannabis.

“Do you support or oppose the use of marijuana for medical purposes?”

  • Yes 73%
  • No 21%
  • Not sure 6%

ONE News poll: Kiwis overwhelmingly support use of medical marijuana

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne says he’s not surprised by the results.

“I think that’s about where I think public opinion is and in fact I would’ve voted ‘yes’ in the poll too,” he says.

Mr Dunne says the government hopes to make more medical marijuana products available to Kiwis and is watching for the results of Australian research.

“I would expect the results of those [tests] would be available in a year or two and that’s the point at which we can see if they’ve been approved in Australia and look to do likewise here.”

It doesn’t surprise me either. As long as there’s suitable checks on safety of products available it seems a no brainer to me.
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  1. I consider it should be available immediately and automatically to those persons who are either in a terminal situation medically or probably in a terminal condition. However I do believe its use for recreational purposes should continue to be prohibited but treated as a minor crime, because of significant evidence of long term medical harm from usage for recreational purpose. e.g. Tobacco.

    • Pickled Possum

       /  12th April 2016


      Cannabis is already available to those sick and dying but because it is against the law it is a underbelly sort of world the dying and sick find themselves in. Sometimes being ripped off because of their naivety? or just not knowing the real price of a decent stash.

      Recreational use is still dealt as a minor crime in NZ … haven’t heard of to too many people going to court for the possession of 1 or 2 or even 3 or 4 reefer’s lately.

      I just wish that the powers that be could make the fear of being busted as a criminal, much less fearful for the dying loved family member.

      Really enjoyed reading all your posts today so thank you for that 🙂

      • Gezza.

         /  13th April 2016

        I second that Possum. Your posts have been outstanding BJ. Really appreciate the time and thought you put into these.

  2. Dunne is just a B-S artist.. more delaying tactics, whilst the rest of the OECD moves forward ! 😦

    1-2 more years to wait.. why not NOW ???

    • Pickled Possum

       /  12th April 2016

      @ Zedd

      Cause that bloody PDunne is the prezzy of the B-S artist gang and wants to prolong all talk, maybe so James can bring in some more chemical alternatives to cannabis that will fill up our hospitals and mental institutes … what’s that … what mental institutes … oh a mean Psychiatric Crisis Services in and at your nearest DHB

      “Fairfax Media confirmed a few weeks ago that Dunne’s son James, a lawyer at Chen Palmer, was a lawyer and lobbyist on behalf of the synthetic cannabis industry.”

      While my guitar gently weeps

      • Gezza

         /  13th April 2016

        On those poll numbers the government can’t lose. Just get on with it and make medical marijuana available from reliable sources now. People need this stuff and it does no harm at all.

      • Pickled Possum

         /  13th April 2016

        Before I sign off to go gardening today I found this site when researching medical cannabis a while back and thought to share the stupidity of the American Drug Laws with who ever does not want or wants med marijuana legalized in Aotearoa-New Zealand


      • Zedd

         /  13th April 2016


        Actually I think Dunne is just the mouthpiece for ‘Team Key’ on this, who are real ‘road block’ or diversion on this issue. I agree I think they are just looking for reasons to delay this long enough to implement their alternative strategy: MORE SYNTHETICS or Pharmaceuticals (like sativex) soooo… why is this so ?
        maybe we should look deeper into their list of pecuniary ‘interests’ ??? 😦


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