Trump and Clinton look unstoppable

Clean sweeps in five north eastern states to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump make their primary campaigns just about assured of victory.

Results from RealClear Politics:


(Thanks for the link Clemgeopin).

Trump is closing in to the 1237 Republican delegates needed to win, currently on 950 against Cruz (560)+Rubio (171)+Kasich (153)=884.

Needing 2,382 Clinton has 2141 with Sanders 1321 looking like an honourable lost cause.


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  1. Gezza

     /  27th April 2016

    Trump really should stop using that tanning lotion. It’s not doing him any great harm with voters but with the white circles round his eyes he looks like an orange panda in the wrong light.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  27th April 2016

      I remember when there was only one (well, only one that I’d heard of) , and if it was left on a minute too long, the user went orange.Not quite orange like an orange, but that was the nearest to it. With his hair (what has he DONE to it ?) that very odd colour, he looks like an Orange-Utan.

      Orange-Utan ! (falls off sofa laughing at this witticism)

  2. now the real entertainment will begin …

  3. Zedd

     /  27th April 2016

    It was interesting hearing ‘the Donald’ talking up Bernie Sanders.. saying he should stand as an independent, if he loses the Democratic party ticket.
    Maybe he is really concerned that Hillary is going to kick his fat Ass, at the election ? :/

  4. Brown

     /  27th April 2016

    Trump will encounter a wall of self inflicted ignorance but will surmount it because he will learn to say the right things. Hillary’s self inflicted wall is one of flagrant dishonesty and that will be much tougher to climb. Two appalling choices but if Hillary gets in America is toast whereas Trump is an unknown. That narrows it down to the lesser evil.

    • Zedd

       /  27th April 2016

      Yes its starting to sound like ‘who is the lesser (OR greater) of two evils ?’ BUT either way.. it sounds like it will be an interesting ride, on the way there ! 😀

      btw; I hoped Bernie was going to be, the first Socialist USA Pres. BUT obviously the mainstream are not really ready for it.. YET !! 😦

      • Clemgeopin

         /  27th April 2016

        “the mainstream are not really ready for it.. YET !!”

        Until they get mad as hell and can’t take the unfair capitalist uncontrolled pro wealthy free market shit anymore.

        (Or may be when China asks for their mega multi trillion dollars of debt payments back).

        • Gezza

           /  27th April 2016

          “Yes its starting to sound like ‘who is the lesser (OR greater) of two evils ?”

          Lesser of two weevils might be just as apt? 🙂


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