Media on Slater Standard hack

Today suppression (that despite what he says on his media statement he wanted made permanent) lapsed on the case of Cameron Slater paying Ben Rachinger to hack The Standard to try and identify Labour MPs and staffers who were allegedly authors there.

Slater aimed to embarrass Andrew Little and Labour on the opening day of Parliament, 2015.

Media reports:

Newshub: Whale Oil blogger revealed as man behind hack plot

Newshub can reveal controversial right-wing blogger Cameron Slater was at the centre of a plot to hack political website The Standard.

His motivation was to embarrass and undermine Labour leader Andrew Little by unmasking anonymous contributors to the site he claimed were connected to the party.

Slater, who writes the Whale Oil blog, was charged with attempting to procure access to a computer system for a dishonest purpose on December 17 last year. However, court orders prevented the media revealing his identity, detailing the exact charge against him or naming the website involved.

The Standard: The plot to hack The Standard

They quote Newshub but have separate have an active comments.

The Spinoff: Cameron Slater, fearless crusader against name suppression, just had his name suppression lifted

This afternoon, Cameron Slater’s name suppression was lifted in a case regarding his conspiring to hack The Standard website. To mark the occasion, here are some of the fearless Whaleoil blogger’s previous posts about name suppression.

It’s like 10,000 Whales when all you need is a knife. However Alanis would have styled it, today is a day for irony.

For today is the day when we can finally report that Cameron Slater, arch defender of open justice,has failed in his attempt to get permanent name suppression, after accepting diversion for charges that he tried to get a small-time hacker to pry open a left-wing website.

Slater features in comments

NZ Herald: Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater admits soliciting hack

The blogger who was infamously hacked and then exposed in Dirty Politics has himself admitted hiring someone to illegally access the computer files of opponents.

Whale Oil’s Cameron Slater has been granted diversion by police for attempting to hire Ben Rachinger for $5000 to get into the left-wing “The Standard” blog. Instead of being convicted and sentenced, he has arranged to do 40 hours work for the children’s charity Kidscan.

Judge Richard McIlraith said: “He has accepted his guilt and embarked upon a programme of diversion to address that.”

Slater’s actions today suggest that he barely accepts his guilt, if at all, and has embarked on a programme that probably is contrary to what he committed to with diversion. He is trying to minimise his culpability and is actively attacking Rachinger and media online.

See next post (when it’s up).


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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  10th May 2016

    So Ben Rachinger didn’t do it ? It is a very messy case.

    • jamie

       /  10th May 2016

      Nobody did it.

      Slater was found guilty of trying to pay someone to do it.

      • Dougal

         /  10th May 2016

        Conspiracy is a serious charge. Looks to me like this is what was going on though Cam overlooked this and eventually, got caught. The ridiculous nature of this whole deal is that perhaps only Cam and a few other assorted nutters are interested in what goes on at TS. The place is a vile cesspit of hate and lies. Why anyone is interested in it is beyond me.

  2. Steve Taylor

     /  10th May 2016

    And Slater still has the Colin Craig defamation case to deal with as well – not looking good for Slater at all, given he has now had 3 (4?) court case losses in a row now.

  3. Steve Taylor

     /  10th May 2016

    The full Judgment – the effect of Slater’s behaviour upon his family is a truly disturbing read:

    [Link deleted – Slater via LF breaches his own suppression, I’m not going to allow a link to it from here. PG]

    • Dougal

       /  11th May 2016

      That does not make for pleasant reading. I understand a lot of the “good” that Cam tries to put forward by outing pedo’s and wonky decisions by the judiciary but there must come a point when you cannot keep dragging your family through the mud. I’m not sure I have a lot of sympathy for Ben either given what has transpired. I quite like Ben and his generally thoughtful comments but I can’t help thinking he should learn some lessons and think about a change of profession. It seems a filthy, dirty game and one that would eventually drag you in or god forbid endanger your life. I hope Cam and Ben read this and consider for a moment, all the unwanted attention they bring to the people around them.

  4. Steve Taylor

     /  10th May 2016

    Ben Rachinger also lays the situation out plainly in his Court submission:

    [Cautionary, link deleted. PG]


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