Slater proud of political hack

Cameron Slater suggests he is proud of being the victim of a political hack, but has moved from playing down to ignoring his own involvement in an attempted political hack.

And he seems to be promoting political hacking as just a part of elections here in New Zealand – but uses a news report on US presidential campaigning as an example.

Yesterday he posted It appears that hacking as part of elections is here to stay.

I would say I am proud to have been the first in New Zealand, but that would ignore the Hollow Men hack, and perhaps others that have been just as effective and less public.

He has often complained about much of a victim he was, but now seems to be proud of the hacker’s attention.

Politically motivated hacking seems to be alive and well in New Zealand.  And judging by the news story, it’s here to stay. 

The news story has got nothing to do with New Zealand.

Would it be unfair to say it’s most, if not all, done by or for the left? 

Considering that Slater admitted to police and court that he was guilty of trying to procure a hack (for political purposes) it is disingenuous denial to say that only the left do it.

Let’s face it, hacking is a great leveling tool.  It can bring National’s millions to its knees by just a few people with a computer and the Internet.


The good thing is that once they had all my emails, they bungled it.   The electorate may not have liked Dirty Politics, but they liked the way the left had packaged it and were trying to make a molehill into a mountain even less. Bless the voters and bless the left for thinking they would care about a beltway issue such as a blogger writing stories or handing leads to media.

He seems to be claiming hacking is a great levelling tool except that it didn’t bring National to it’s knees, it was ineffective. Who can tell what he means.

It is the same reason I can’t get any traction on getting justice for the hack – people don’t care.

Really? I thought it looked like the police failed to identify the hacker or find evidence of who the hacker was.

Stater has claimed to know who the hacker was and who financed the hack and who was involved in using the hacked information but still fails to substantiate any of his claims. Last week he tried to dump accusations on Ben Rachinger, saying he wasn’t claiming anything himself.

There have always been the infiltration of campaigns, spying and going through rubbish bins after political meetings.  But it is time to both realise and accept that hacking is now a standard part of campaigning.

It happened once. It backfired. Slater tried to do it. That backfired. Doesn’t that make it look stupid?

So why is Slater trying to normalise it as ‘a standard part of campaigning’? Does he think he will get away with it next time?

He also takes a swipe, again, at Hager and the media.

But now, Hager’s even managed to get the media to work with him.  Some, because they are idiots, and others I suspect due to the fact he’s got information on them.  All the media have done is cut off their links to right wing sources and are all-in on the left wing ones. 

All the media have done is cut off their links to Slater. Despite his belief in his importance he can hardly have been the sole right wing source.

Sources like Matthew Hooton, David Farrar and David Seymour still seem to have relationships with the media. And John Key and National Ministers and MPs seem to still be an occasional source for the media.

Kind of awesome, if it wasn’t for their incompetence.

Kind of ironic given Slater’s incompetence.

The only thing that tickles me pink about this is that the Media Party will inevitably end up being hacked as well.   If they haven’t already.

Is that wishful thinking? Or is it a veiled threat?

As well as threatening to reveal all about the Rawshark hacking and all those alleged to be involved Slater has threatened to reveal embarrassing information about media complicity with the hack and with himself. Like many of his promises of revelations he keeps failing to deliver.

Slater is all over the place here. On the Rawshark hack he flip flops between being proud (‘yay, me!’) to self pity (‘poor me!’).

What seems to be lacking is any remorse for getting busted – he now seems to be suggest hacking is an acceptable political tactic.

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  1. Gezza

     /  20th May 2016

    I can’t help having a soft spot for Cameron. Whenever I’m feeling a little bit down because, really, tbh, I’m a sinner & a bit of a flawed human being at times, he always makes me feel quite virtuous.

  2. This article best sums up why you can’t believe a thing the oily one says.

  3. pickled possum

     /  20th May 2016

    . ” But it is time to both realise and accept that hacking is now a standard part of campaigning.”

    We Realise cameron, that hacking is now a standard part of every day internet play but we will never Accept that it is Ok.
    You may do! IMO that has been the down fall of you and your once No 1 blog site, which is now just another Echo chamber in the blogosphere of many blogs.

    In the ghost blog called ‘well I’ll be foorked’ the inmates rattle their own chains and ask for relevance, but the primate at the wheel says write what I want and say what I need to hear,
    if not it’s good bye pork pie to you.
    BORING Cameron really boring stuff!!
    Which is really a shame as you once had relevance, then you chose and swallowed the irrelevant pill, hacked from somewhere equally irrelevant.

  4. Liam

     /  20th May 2016

    Can’t say I’m surprised at greasy blubber boy’s hypocritical opinion.

    Admitting in court to attempting to procure a hack, then writing that drivel. Pathetic!

  5. PDB

     /  20th May 2016

    Slater and Hager are both the same monster just at different ends of the political spectrum.

    The only difference is that Slater is upfront about what he is, Hager not so much.

    • Yes. Hager imbues himself with worthy moral intent. Activists and NZ’s half-witted and lazy journalists set him on a pedestal that, fortunately, most Kiwis don’t think he deserves. Slater, who has some public support, but is not considered with the esteem and fear the journos have for Hager, got right royally proverbialled. What’s he to do to but eventually move on in a dignified manner! To save face he’s dabbling with taking it on the chin and hopes the masses are too prosaic to analyse his flip, flopping (They are 😉 ). If he ever gets to that ‘filed, done and dusted’ scenario, he will have succeeded in diminishing both his retaliatory hack and the embarrassment and injustice he feels because of Hager’s slam, dunk.

      Imagine what it must be like, to have to shut a trap that size, for this long and over a larger crime you were the victim in, and then get diversion for your OWN attempted retaliatory crime. There’s no natural justice there.

      Being seen to be the bigger man is an important thing for you blokes. I’m talking mouthy, bragging yet vulnerable Slater. I don’t think Hager would have qualify for the SM size man shirt.

      If WO can put this behind him, I’ll have more regard for him. I’ll have even more regard for him when we get conclusive proof of who the lying, scheming, thieving Rawshark was, and if he and his enablers end up behind bars for a very, very long time.

    • jamie

       /  22nd May 2016

      “Slater and Hager are both the same monster just at different ends of the political spectrum.

      The only difference is that Slater is upfront about what he is, Hager not so much.”

      Not really, there are substantive differences.

      Slater is acting purely in his own self interest. He may occasionally pretend he’s acting out of some philosophical belief (e.g. his high-profile anti-name suppression campaign) but it always turns out to be bullshit (e.g. his own secret name suppression).

      Hager has deeply held philosophical and ideological beliefs, and regardless of what you might think of those beliefs it would be difficult to argue that they are not the primary motivation for what he does.

      Slater on the other hand will say almost anything for a price. His only motivation is to extract as much cash as possible from gullible philanthropists, including his own gullible readers on a regular basis.

      He has no philosophical basis for his writing, which it turns out is often not even his own writing as he even rents out his own name for others to write under.

      Actually I don’t think Slater is particularly upfront at all.

  6. Hall

     /  20th May 2016

    Slater has a face that only a mother would love…that’s all I have to say about him.

    • Gezza

       /  20th May 2016

      I think his mum might’ve read that.

    • Let’s get a look at yours then?? You’d better be a dead ringer for George Clooney before I’d give you a pass on that comment. 😜


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