Greens on the budget

Green response to the budget:

James Shaw: Budget catches National not caring

The Government’s visionless budget has failed to deliver the big solutions to the housing crisis and climate change New Zealanders want and instead is plastering over the cracks, says the Green Party.

“This do nothing budget will leave a legacy of more poisoned rivers, more extinct wildlife, and a nation divided into those who own a home already, and those left further behind,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

James Shaw: Green Party Co-leader James Shaw’s 2016 Budget Speech: Time to change the Government

E te Māngai o te Whare, tēnā koe.

Mr Speaker, greetings to you.

Ki a koutou, huri noa i te Whare, ngā mihi o te wā ki a koutou katoa.

To all of you across the House, greetings.

Mr Speaker, when New Zealanders needed homes, the Government has given us toilets.

The extent of this Government’s vision for New Zealand is a few more toilets for tourists, and presumably the rising numbers of Kiwi families who are living in cars.


Catherine Delahunty: Shock school funding freeze means parents pay more

Parents up and down the country will have to pay more for their child’s education, following the National Government’s surprise budget move to freeze funding for schools’ operational grants, the Green Party said today.

“It is shocking that National is freezing funding for schools. Education should be at the top of any Government’s agenda,” said Green Party education spokesperson Catherine Delahunty.  

“After the class sizes back-down a few years ago, it is surprising to see the Government again attacking school funding and our kids’ education.

Gareth Hughes: Budget comment: Government cuts Warm-Up programme that saves lives and cuts power bills

National has cut home insulation funding to its lowest ever level in Budget 2016, which will leave thousands of people shivering in their houses again this winter, the Green Party said today

Budget 2016 allocates just $12 million this year for the Warm Up New Zealand programme this year and $4.5 million for the Healthy Homes programme, compared to $23.9 million for Home Insulation last year.

“Over 2,000 families will miss out on getting a warmer, dryer, healthier home under this Budget,” Green Party energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes said.*

Notably there is no press release to date from the green spokesperson for finance Julie Anne Genter but she commented via Twitter:


The Milli Vanilli #Budget2016. Pretends to do something for housing affordability, climate, rivers, jobs. In reality, does nothing. #nzpol

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  27th May 2016

    Whinge, whinge, whinge.

    He ignores the fact that everything the government spends money on is funded by the taxpayers.

  2. pickled possum

     /  28th May 2016

    “It is shocking that National is freezing funding for schools. Education should be at the top of any Government’s agenda,” said Green Party education spokesperson Catherine Delahunty.”

    So just because you have had your children? that some hard working stiff paid tax, so they could get educated, Pull up the ladder ideology a trait that is shared by key & benett,
    only letting the snakes that can wriggle their way thru attain to the giddy heights you sometimes allude to having, at the bottom of the ladder there.


    This was my initial draft of a message prepared in December 2015 in response to my frustration about the numbers of failed lives amongst out precious asset, the Tangata Whenua of New Zealand. I put it up as a target for improvement or mockery as you see fit. It applies to all races in New Zealand, not just Maori.

    1. Your parents, by having you, have entered into an unwritten contract with the wider community to provide for you. They also enter into a life long contact with you to provide to the best of their ability the basic requirements of life: food, shelter, warmth, love, clothing, protection against external threats, the opportunity for you to grow intellectually, spiritually and physically to the limits of your natural ability. Your part of the bargain is to love your parents, be an individual who is in control of your body and mind,one who communicate with your parents and siblings about your fears, needs and wants, who understand the significance of being part of a family unit which will always produce more than the sum of its parts. Common-sense, personal discipline, physical fitness and concern for the happiness of others, together with your intellectual capacity will determine the extent to which you can aspire to leadership of your peers and reach the summit of your aspirations.
    2. You need to understand the importance of eduction in your earliest years. If you do not understand what you are being taught, tell your teachers, parents, siblings, friends and respected people you have contact with what you don’t understand- and above all remember the best compliment you can give to someone else whom you trust, is to ask for help or advice from them.
    3. Remember if you don’t learn the basics of literacy, writing, arithmetic, bookkeeping/financial budgeting, reading and inculcate a love of learning by equipping yourself with the basic tools of learning, you will have huge financial problems, and your life will be miserable Make your own mind up about what you want out of life, and don’t forget to listen to the voice inside you.
    4. You are here for a limited time, like all of us. Understand your capabilities and weaknesses. Don’t bullshit yourself or make excuses for your weaknesses, do something about it. You are in control of your destiny.
    5. Understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong, and listen to the voice inside you that no one else can hear, and evaluate with common sense the merits of what that voice is saying. We all have a conscience. Use it.
    6. Applaud the success of peers and check to see why you could not be the same. Do not be jealous of others success, just reflect on their glory. Beware of criticising others actions, try to understand what motivates their actions.
    7. Understand what your positive and negative qualities are. Reinforce success and protect against your faults. Get help to overcome your deficiencies. There are may resources open to you.
    8. Learn what pragmatism and practicality mean, and use those tools in conjunction with common sense when dealing with new problems/situations. Always strive to be in control through self-discipline.

    Thats all Folks

  4. Blazer

     /  29th May 2016

    Commendable ,good intentions Colonel.’ Your parents, by having you, have entered into an unwritten contract with the wider community to provide for you’….wider community = all of us…as opposed to ‘I’m all right Jack,stuff everyone else’!


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