Lines in the Middle East sands

Gezza posted this in comments:

Sykes-Picot: Lines In The Sand.

Anybody who wants a comprehensive, intelligent, intelligible understanding of the background to, and current situation in, Iraq, Syria, Palestine & Israel would be crazy not to watch this. One of the best 50 minute documentaries on that whole area that I’ve seen.

Lots of file footage, clever way the maps are done, with just a few concise, very on-point interviews with commenters & historians giving Arab, Jewish, British, French, Iranian, American & Russian perspectives – interesting in themselves.

The first half is on the early 20th century history to 1948 showing how the French & British divvyed the whole place up & ran things after the Ottoman Empire crumbled, and the second half brings you up to speed with why it’s such a shit-hole of a place at the moment.—al-jazeera-world/4903567273001

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