No NZ First aim

While Andrew Little appears to leave the door wide open for Winston peters and NZ First the Greens seem to have different ideas – make it so Greens+Labour can do without NZ First.

Martyn Bradbury was initially very critical of the Labour-Green Memorandum of Understanding but after attending the Green AGM/conference it appears he has taken on board the Kool Aid.

This has been a victory for the Left within the Greens and Labour and shows the behind the scenes muscle and co-operation that now exists between the two. It’s a win for those who want a clear cut anti-National vote and it’s a win for the joint tactics that will be needed for Labour and the Greens to be successful in 2017.

The biggest gain of this Memorandum of Understanding is that it forces the media to start reporting polls from an MMP viewpoint. Currently Paddy Gower gets to claim National are 47% and Labour are at 30%, the perception being to the ordinary voter that Key’s fourth term is guaranteed. The reality is that when you combine Labour and Greens, the National Party’s lead is really only 5%.

The media have talked about left versus right totals for yonks but never mind.

This perception change will do more to impact the way voters perceive the next election than any other single thing.

If a shared policy platform and agreed electorate strategy emerge, expect 2017 to be a very close battle. We may yet get a change of Government and it may not need NZ First.

From Why Labour-Green could be the next Government – 2016 Green AGM

There are similar sentiments from within the Green Party.

On they keep saying Lab/Greens need NZF. The point of this MOU is to work towards a point where that is no longer true.

While they haven’t said it openly it appears that their aim (the Greens at least) is to not only defeat National but also to outmanoeuvre Winston Peters.

No NZ First is a very ambitious aim.

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  1. “The biggest gain of this Memorandum of Understanding is that it forces the media to start reporting polls from an MMP viewpoint.”
    The other night this was Martyn Bradbury’s biggest argument, but I disagree. The news and comment I’ve seen has always linked National and Act, and Labour and the Greens, with a few wildcards that go with the winds of fortune. If this is the biggest win of the MoU they’ve already lost. Of more importance is their agreement to stop the kiddy fights and get on with a mutual challenge. Time will tell whether it can be achieved. It doesn’t help that the MoU supposedly ends on election night but in the same breath they’re talking about the make up of their new government. How can voters be sure of their intent when the announcement was so mixed in it’s messages?

  2. Zedd

     /  5th June 2016

    political fun & games 😀

  3. Pete Kane

     /  5th June 2016

    “……………make it so Greens+Labour can do without NZ First.”

    I think wayne Hope in the earlier articls made it pretty clear why “that dog don’t hunt”.

  4. PDB

     /  5th June 2016

    Winston will remember Genter’s Retweet in a years time when he decides who he will make the govt……

  5. To defeat your enemy, first you must become his friend. Then when all his defenses are total down, you can choose the perfect time for his demise.

    The Greens are setting Labour Up – the long term goal has to be destroying Labour and consuming their vote….

    • Gezza

       /  5th June 2016

      I don’t think they’re going to succeed dave. The polls will tell I guess but lost Labour support will probably go mostly to NZF or more people will just give up & not vote is my bet at the moment. I can’t see Labour voters switching to National.

      • Your thinking short term Gezza. The Greens are looking to be the ONLY voice on the Left. To achieve that they need to kill or subsume NZ Labour. Time is on their side as is demographics with the Greens youth wing is burgeoning

        • Gezza

           /  5th June 2016

          I suppose there’s something in what you say there dave, but if they pitch too strongly on cleaning up the rivers and not enough on showing they have other policies that they can convincingly cost out even young voters aren’t going to vote for them more than once IMO. They’re really weak in this area. The battles will be won in the centre if there’s a turn against National, don’t you think?


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