Government announcement on refugee quota

The Government announcement on raising the refuge quota, from Minister of Immigration Michael Woodhouse.

Govt announces increase to Refugee Quota

Today the Government announced that it will increase the size of the Refugee Quota from 750 to 1000 places per year from 2018,” says Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse.

“We take our international humanitarian obligations and responsibilities seriously, the increase today demonstrates our commitment to meet the needs of some of the world’s most vulnerable people,” says Mr Woodhouse.

“New Zealand has a strong record in the resettlement of refugees. Last year we committed to resettling 500 Syrians over two years on top of our annual quota of 750.  This means for the next two years we are taking 1000 refugees.

“Today’s announcement to increase the annual quota to 1000 from 2018/2019 is an appropriate response. We want to ensure the refugees we take settle well and contribute meaningfully to life in New Zealand, while not putting unreasonable strains on social services.

“We want to be sure people have the appropriate support and services they need to resettle in New Zealand like housing, health, education and translation services,” says Mr Woodhouse.

“The new quota of 1,000 will cost an extra $25 million a year. This is on top of the $75 million a year we currently spend on quota refugees”.

The Government has also agreed to pilot a new community sponsorship category in 2017/2018. The details of the pilot are still being worked through and will be announced next year.

“The offers of support from the New Zealand public in the wake of publicity around the significant displacement of people globally is commendable and the Government is keen to explore how that support might be used to the benefit of refugees,” Mr Woodhouse says.

Immigration New Zealand will also start a process to select a further refugee settlement location to assist the accommodation of the extra intake.

“There are currently six locations where refugees are settled once they have completed their reception at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre, with Dunedin the most recent settlement city. I expect another location will be announced sometime in 2017,” says Mr Woodhouse.

The annual refugee quota is just one part of New Zealand’s total refugee and humanitarian programme. There are also 300 places available each year for family reunification and an additional 125-175 asylum seekers have their claims approved each year.

“The new Refugee Quota Programme represents an increased contribution from New Zealand to the resettlement of refugees and highlights our commitment to help address the ongoing global refugee crisis,” Mr Woodhouse says.

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  1. Gezza

     /  13th June 2016

    Hasn’t gone down well with NZ Amnesty International or the other parties.

    Little said it was “less than the bare minimum”.
    “A lot of New Zealanders would think this is just an absolute failure of moral leadership”.

    I bet a lot more will think this was probably wise.

  2. Blazer

     /  13th June 2016

    yes no point in Little taking this line,no political gain,terrible strategy.

    • Brown

       /  13th June 2016

      Stuff your political gain. What about some honesty that we can accept or reject without second guessing the man?

      • Blazer

         /  13th June 2016

        I regret to inform you that ‘political gain’ is the barometer the Nats use to hold power.Ethics and morality do not count with them.

  3. As with anything more is never enough. Personally I hope the new refugee quota is targeted for those in the Middle East suffering persecution for their religious beliefs: Christians, Zoarastorians. And not wasted on Sunnis and Shias who carry their dislike for each other with them…

    • David

       /  13th June 2016

      I think you will find that will be offensive to many. For some reason it seems you are not allowed to discriminate which refugees you accept. The level of persecution is not considered.

      • It may be offensive to many, but I find the irrational “everyone is equal” and “all ideologies are the same/equivalent” equally offensive.

        Fundamentalist Islam and the West are just not compatible in my view. Militant Islam has been attacking the West in its broadest sense since the 700’s. It has never stopped and I doubt it ever will.

        People say Islam needs reformation a la that inspired by numerous Western Christian thinkers like Hus and the most well known in Martin Luther.

        But many people don’t understand that militant fundamentalist Islam is Islams Reformation.

        Salafism and Wahhabism are reformation movements reacting to Islams supposed decline, epitomised by the decline of Islamic power in the form of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of Western colonialism. The basic premise of “why has god abandoned us” was answered with the Salfist & Wahabbist response “because we have strayed from the purity of the Qu’ran and Gods word” – hence the fundamentalist adherence to the literally word of god in the Qu’ran

        Why invite people in to NZ from a Muslim background in the Middle East who are seeped deeply in fundamentalist Isalm? Where Shia v Sunni violence is deeply ingrained? Why take the chance?

        My objection is not about individuals, its about culture and ideology. Islam is a holistic ideology with a religious wrapper and it brooks no equal only believers and subordinates

        • David

           /  13th June 2016

          Agreed, it’s a simple risk/reward calculation. There are plenty of refuges who need help who do not come with a significant danger to NZ society.

  4. Corky

     /  13th June 2016

    Gutless Key. What does it take to realise West is West, and East is East, and never the twain shall meet. I don’t mind if they are Christians, but my guess is most will be Muslims.
    Liberals win again, but the pricks are still moaning.


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