Crusader Rabid

Commenters on Crusader Rabbit are praising the killing of Jo Cox, the Labour MP from Britain.

Crusader Rabbit have been one of the most crazy hard right websites around, but this is bad even by their standards.

The post was just notification of the death with a link to news.

British Labour MP shot dead

The rot set in quickly in comments.

Brown says:

Terrible but at least it appears to be a real lone wolf attack.

  • KG says:

    I no longer find it terrible.
    Once upon a time I would have regarded it as a strike against the norms which make for a civilized society.
    But politicians long ago abandoned those norms and if one of them becomes a victim of that, well….. *shrug*

    • Oswald Bastable says:

      Start of a trend, I hope.

    • Cadwallader says:

      The media is depicting her as some sort of leftie saint. The reality is that she would’ve been a typical Labour busy-body dispensing her unwelcome advice that she knows what is best for us all. In other words: corrupt. I have some compassion for her children though.

      • KG says:

        Yep, spot-on, Cad.
        She belonged to the party which – under Blair – deliberately set out to change the face of Britain without ever consulting the people.
        Cameron has kept that program in place and even accelerated it.
        Q: What’s one dead politician in the face of that massive betrayal of an ancient civilization?
        A. Not enough. Nowhere near enough.


Alan says:


Bo Chandler says:

KG says:

I no longer find it terrible.
Once upon a time I would have regarded it as a strike against the norms which make for a civilized society.
But politicians long ago abandoned those norms and if one of them becomes a victim of that, well….. *shrug*

Amen to that. These collectivist megalomaniacs would gladly pass laws that put you in chains and instruct the police to shoot resistors. Over a hundred million people were murdered last century on the orders of people like this “victim”.


KG says:

What a load of utter bollocks:
Brit Daily Mail headline
‘Tearful mourners hold vigils to murdered MP Jo Cox as her home town remembers a woman who ‘gave her life for the community’ ..’

She was another leftard on a fat salary who was complicit in the dismantling of England.

This is the blog that states:

Leftists/”progressives”/socialists are not welcome here. Pay for your own soapbox.

And promotes this:

‘I believe that politicians, lawyers, busy-bodies and do-gooders are like salamis- greatly improved by hanging for a time.’ Oswald Bastable

But approving of the murder of an MP and wishing for more of the same is awful, even on a rabid right wing website.


  1. Ray

     /  19th June 2016

    Bunch of sick puppies

  2. Ray

     /  19th June 2016

    Or rather bunnies.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  19th June 2016

    Vile. Another cesspit to avoid.

  4. artcroft

     /  19th June 2016

    Is KG Kiwi Guy?

    • Joe Bloggs

       /  20th June 2016

      well they’re evidently all bigots looking for the evidence to justify their bigotry, so that bit fits…

      …but no namecalling:
      Dysfunctional cat lady type
      weed smoking Marxist
      cultural Marxist
      vibrant rapefugee
      feminist war pig wifey
      shriveled up old Marxist lesbian
      progressive opponent
      a Queen of Snark
      blue haired feminist gender queer type on Twitter

      … I’m guessing that either KG has gone back onto his meds, or it’s another KG completely…

  5. Kevin

     /  19th June 2016

    The right wing version of the Standard.

    “Leftists/”progressives”/socialists are not welcome here. Pay for your own soapbox.”

    If only the Standard was so honest.

  6. Halliver

     /  19th June 2016

    It’s like reading a thread on the whale oil blog. I suppose the right wing will be salavating.

  7. jamie

     /  19th June 2016

    @Kevin and Halliver:

    Whaleoil and the standard are both horrible in their own (or the same?) ways, but neither of them would tolerate that sort of filth for a moment.

    • Kevin

       /  20th June 2016

      On WO the comments would be removed and the commentator(s) banned. On The Standard you would get a few commentators raising concerns. Whether the author of the comment would be banned really depends. If it was some Lefty saying the killing of a right wing politician was a good thing, I don’t imagine Prentice would ban them.

      Imagine if John Key was assassinated. You would get some on The Standard saying it was good thing (in a passive aggressive way e.g. “It’s terrible what happened but we must remember all those that Key “killed” indirectly with his neoconservative policies …”). They wouldn’t be banned as it would be called “robust debate”.

      But of course if Andrew Little was assassinated anyone saying it was good thing would be permanently banned.

  8. Brown

     /  20th June 2016

    Boo hoo. I like it generally as it has news links that provide some balance or alternative views to the leftie nonsense and features Uncle Remus which has great art and interesting history articles. I don’t generally agree with the nature of the comments but don’t see them as any worse than the hard left’s.- both should be ignored as froth.

    As an aside i made a comment that the attack was terrible but at least it was a real lone wolf attack (as opposed to yet another lone wolf Muslim killing people for Islam related reasons). What is offensive or wrong about that?

    • I don’t think there was anything wrong with your comment but I included it as it led into the other comments.

      So you don’t see fit to condemn the comments that followed?

      • Brown

         /  20th June 2016

        Thanks for the clarification. I disagree with the stupidity that follows but choose to ignore it because its the usual spleen venting that I expect from the usual people I cannot control. I have, in the past, pointed out that KG’s solution to everything by blowing it up is not an solution at all.

        I may query your view but don’t condemn you when you stick up for Muslims following another mass killing by Muslims or snigger at Christianity even though you know nothing about the theology and doctrines of either but I don’t have the time or inclination to be judge and jury on everything.

  9. sorethumb

     /  20th June 2016

    Internationalists versus nationalists. Iit is true that internationalist politicians conspired to unilaterally impose mass migration on Britain to “rub the rights noses in diversity”. The same happened here under Lange’s Labour. What is more the migrants get to vote so there is no going back if the original minority don’t like the new reality (Superdiversity is defined as majority -minority). The Guardian editor has come out in favor of Brexit as immigration is driving down wages. Kerry McDonald (head of the Savings Working Group) calls immigration an “unmitigated disaster”. Business leaders in the non tradeables (realestate/finance) sector think it is great.
    If the enemy within was the enemy without we would shoot at them.

  10. Blazer

     /  20th June 2016

    Yet a presidential candidate in the U.S- Rick Santorum publicly says that assassinating Iranian scientists ‘is not a bad thing’!

    • Brown

       /  20th June 2016

      Its OK when your govt does it, just when you do it. That the reasoning may be the same is of no consequence. The ability to decide life or death is a terrible burden that some are far too casual about. Someone’s blood on my hands in other than the most immediate and dangerous circumstances is an awful thing to contemplate.

      • Blazer

         /  20th June 2016

        the distinction re govts is correct.When its personalised to individuals people can relate,but mass killings by govts …another story.

  11. It’s hard to imagine the type of upbringing and life experiences people have had that they see murder of an elected Parliamentary representative as somehow justifiable. What a nightmare world we live in when people of bigotry and of violent temperament have their views published so easily.

  12. I believe that conditions in the USA and Britain are such that the old Anglo-Saxon/white majority are seeing their comfortable existence threatened by the introduction by migrants of different cultural mores that are anathema to the prevailing established culture which one has to concede is ancient in Britain and old in the USA. These entrenched views will lead to disaffected people taking lone wolf type action and may lead to more organised group action.
    It could happen here?

    • Gezza

       /  20th June 2016

      Yes it could. And quite likely with the children of Muslim migrants rather than the parents.

      • Gezza

         /  20th June 2016

        And with others of Anglo-Saxon or other cultures, I should add. There have been cases of people of one race or other being bashed and/or killed by others where the motivation could well have been racially or culturally-based.