A Clayton chief of staff?


Good heavens! @RMAHarman suggests in this morning’s Politik that Clayton Cosgrove is likely to become @philgoffmp’s Chief of Staff if Mayor

That’s a big Good Grief! if true. Not exactly a team of young guns.

But I can’t find it at Politik, nor anywhere else.

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  1. PDB

     /  20th June 2016

    Auckland is already buggered, Goff and his mates may as well put it out of it’s misery………

    • Blazer

       /  20th June 2016

      pull your socks up as well as your pants..I realise that none of the candidates are right wing Nazis..maybe next time.

  2. Pete I read it Politik email this morning:

    There are growing suggestions in Auckland that retiring Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove could resurface as Chief of Staff for Phil Goff should he win the Auckland Mayoralty.” c Politik

    It was an interesting selection this morning – a main piece dissing Joyce which I thought was a litle harsh but hints at some interesting power politics in the Nats caucus room, this thing on Cosgrove, Maggie Barrys war on Weeds….

    I suppose its another reason not to vote for P Goff for AKLMare.. because if the rate payers of the AKL think Len has screwed them at the rates demand table, Goffy will double their pain


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