Bomber promotes war, fear and terror in NZ

Fear, terror, hate, evil, war.

Don’t worry, what this Bomber promotes is unlikely to be felt by anyone. He is as lethal as a water bomb using a hundred year old balloon.

From a Martyn Bradbury post at The Daily Blog: Andrew Little + John Key declare war on Hone Harawira and MANA movement

There has been no official declarations, just more wishful thinking. But the language used is trying hard to promote conflict.

John Key and Andrew Little have immediately opened up a war of words…

No they haven’t, they responded to news that Harawira was standing in next year’s election with more like ‘yeah, so what’.

Both Little & Key have very specific reasons for attacking MANA…

…it highlights how both political parties fear a populist peoples movement…

For Little, his attack on Hone is part of Labour’s terror

…Labour who illegally sent the terror squad…

Labour hate being reminded…

For Key. his attack on Hone is fuelled…

The fear Hone has caused by just announcing he is back…

…a reminder of how terrified the establishment are that the poor could gain genuine political representation.

…to overthrow this evil Government

Bomber against the world. The same old revolution repackaged with rusty old rhetoric.

Someone recently referred to him as Cadbury, but his chocolate mind has been in the sun too long.

Morphing the Mana Party into the MANA Movement may make some headway, but with friends like Martyn there won’t be many parties quaking in their political boots.

Not much to fear here.

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  1. Joe Bloggs

     /  21st June 2016

    Bradbury reminds me of the North Korean newsreaders we see occasionally… hysterically hyped up and bombastic in his denunciations of all that is different to his warped sense of normality

    • Iceberg

       /  21st June 2016

      Or the Iraqi information minister proclaiming victory on TV while American tanks rolled past in the background.

    • Gezza

       /  21st June 2016

      Martyn ‘Dusty’ Bradbury’s being bad again …

      • Corky

         /  22nd June 2016

        Frank Beard… the irony!

        • Gezza

           /  22nd June 2016

          I know Corky. 😀 Aren’t they just such a fantastic band for wit, style, tightness, unique electric blues, & for just generally being such great characters. 😎

  2. Oh dear Martin/Martyn having revolutionary dreams from inner city Auckland, thinking he is NZ’s answer to Fidel or Che…

    Seriously, he froths at the mouth, speaks to a small 1% of the populace and constantly borders on suggesting violence is the answer. Idiot is not inaccurate a descriptor for the likes of Bomber

  3. PDB

     /  21st June 2016

    Bradbury – happy to work with German ‘capitalist pigs’ if he is given a nice retainer and a free lap top for his services…….

    Hone and Bradbury are both made from the same cloth, Capitalism is bad unless your own pockets are being personally lined by those same capitalists.

  4. Johny Harawera is actually a great big pussy cat from Te Kao. He and his kin get huge delight from frightening the local pakeha with their loud noise, traditional gestures, claims to eminence and end up laughing their heads off at the reaction of the scared pakeha. In the end, he is all piss and wind, as we used t say. But hell of a laugh!

    • Gezza

       /  21st June 2016

      May 1, 1979 “Harawira was part of He Taua, which confronted drunk University of Auckland engineering students who performed a parody of the “Ka Mate” haka with obscenities painted on their bodies. The group including Harawira assaulted them with baseball bats and hoses, resulting in several broken bones & stitches. In 2009 when he and his wife revisited the School of Engineering Harawira said ‘When people refuse to do what’s right, at the end of the day you step in, do what you’ve got to do.’ ”

      “His mother’s achievements have been overshadowed by scandal, including a nine-month prison sentence in 1988 for beating a psychiatric patient, and her annual interruptions at Waitangi.”

      July 7, 2013 “He endorsed his nephews’ aggressive Waitangi Day challenges to the prime minister that resulted in an assault conviction. And then the Harawira family was back in court last week, where four of his nephews were convicted in two separate incidents of violent crime. Harawira says he condemns his nephews’ crimes. ‘Thuggery is thuggery. It has nothing to do with a deeply held political belief. I don’t consider that to be an extension of activism.’ ”

      He & te whanau are all piss & wind? I won’t bother listing his various insults to other Maori and to Pakeha about their culture. Hone’s rules & principles are whatever he wants them to be at the time. He ain’t no comedian.

      • Gezza, you know as I know that as he has got older, its all bluff now. I was born in Ngataki, and my Dad often put me under the care of the Kuia at the marae in Te Kao. The family were known for their aggression, but we all got on OK. I hated playing rugby on their sports field which was built of black soil pitted from kauri gum diggers. I learned how to tackle on that ground. The after match kai was always memorable and dulled the aches and pain. I always thought that Pukenui was Paradise, but thats another story!!

        • Gezza

           /  22nd June 2016

          No, I respect your views BJ, but on this we disagree. IMO, it’s not bluff, it looks like he continues the same old pattern of abuse of anybody—pakeha or maori—when he wants headlines, or just because he’s pissed off with someone, or about some problem that he wants to blame on someone else.

          It’s just the abuse is more in words or stunts nowadays, more likely to be verbal abuse, or contemptible disrespect for tikanga. But backed up by support for those who do resort to physical assault in situations where their actions highlight, or reflect, or can be used to, advance his objectives or views. The wild talk about “white mother-f……” even left a sour taste even among many Maori from what I read at the time.

          There are a few Pakeha politicians who do, or have done, reciprocal abuse—even though they disguise it with dog-whistling, weasel words, & sophistry. And I hope I call them on it too.


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