Harawira and Fox on 5th Estate

On 5th Estate Hone Harawira claims that reaction to his announcement to standing again in next year’s election is a sign of success.

He particularly poured scorn on Andrew Little.

Appearing beside him is Marama Fox, again, who seems to fit in well with Bradbury’s agenda.

She says that the Maori Party have learnt to work with anyone but maintaining their independence is necessary.

She also said that sitting at the Government table the Maori Party scraps every day for their people.

She say’s ‘we need to see Maori leadership’ in the Labour party.

She corrects Bradbury on his claim that unemployment for Maori is at it’s worst ever. She says it has improved since she became an MP.

He says that the National Government has been a run of tragedy for Maori and blames the Maori Party for approving it all via confidence and supply.

He doesn’t want to be anywhere near ‘scumbags’ like the National Party, he will ‘spit in his face’.

Fox points out they could sit in opposition and throw stones all day and get absolutely nowhere.

They have to fight but achieve things for Maori.

“Maori need to come out of the skirts of National and Labour”.

“We must be a party that shows value add for the whole country.”

She sounds a much more passionate, fiesty and pragamatic person than Harawira.

Harawira “we have to become independent thinkers, we have to become bold”.

He talks about needing to work together, care for each other, to be really strong. That sounds good.

“There needs to be a change in thinking that Maori are important to one another, to love one another, to care for each other”.

Get Maori to think independently and be the best possible they can be.

“The current crop of Maori corporate entities are as rapacious as anyone”.

He is scathing in particular of the corporate model used in fishing that is not benefiting communities. It is disastrous for Maori.

Fox says there are examples where there are attempts to have social entrepreneurship.

Corporates with a brown suit and a white heart are no use to Maori.

Why can’t the Maori party and Mana work together?

Fox says that if she can work with National she can work with anyone.

Harawira says he is up for working more together with the Maori Party. He says that attempts by Fox and him to work together are falling on deaf ears within both parties.

He says the important think, the big game, is caring for the small people.

Fox – “we could eliminate poverty now if there was  a willingness to do it. We could eliminate poverty now if there was a willingness to do it”.

Harawira and Fox reiterate they don’t want to fight with each other.

Fox on the one thing to help Maori – “we need to spend money saving the lives of our young people” with particular reference to suicide rates. “It comes to love in the home, drug and alcohol abuse. We need to give out young hope for the future”.

Harawira’s number one priority is to “feed the kids”. He doesn’t care what colour they are as it will help Maori.

This was a really interesting program. It helped that Bradbury kept out of the way most of the time.

Harawira seemed to follow Fox’s lead and talking about the core issues and what might be done to address them. I saw him in a different light to the usual media sound bites.

So plaudits to Bradbury for allowing this to develop and giving them both space to express themselves.

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  1. Gezza

     /  22nd June 2016

    Sounds great PG. I’ll be on the lookout for it to be posted up & watch it.

    Even when Bomber bounces around and does his over the top polemic soliloquies, all of the Wateea episodes I’ve listened to have been well worth it—all the discussions have been good & most of the participants excellent in how they tackle the issues honestly, and treat each other with respect.

  2. Brown

     /  22nd June 2016

    “There needs to be a change in thinking that Maori are important to one another, to love one another, to care for each other”

    So he’s going to undo the Maori history of tribalism that still infests those that take their nose in the trough entitlement seriously. Good luck, he’ll need it. He’ll need to change himself as well.

    • Gezza

       /  22nd June 2016

      That was great. Marama Davidson was impressive especially. Hone got a lot of the prescription of the things that are needed for Maori to get on their own feet & help their own people into training, jobs, better health, better self-esteem, lower youth suicide rates, less violence in the home. Bradbury then stupidly & successfully sidetracked him at the end into getting him to focus solely on “feeding the kids”, pakeha or Maori.

      Yes, that needs to happen, and so do all the other good ideas Marama & he spoke of, but it needs to happen through everybody co-operating and working together. Iwi, entrepreneurs, government agencies, Maori corporates, Pakeha employers, education institutions, welfare services—health and support systems—targeted at those in most need and with encouragement to towards whanau/iwi & personal self-reliance and mutual support, builders, councils….

      Hone calling National scum is where he typically virtually destroys the reception of his message with huge numbers of people who thought he meant what he said earlier.

      Marama could win back the Maori seats. If Mana eventually stands no candidates, the Mana movement backs & works together with the Maori Party, and the Maori Party choose more intelligent, articulate, strong & practical people like Marama as candidates , they could well get all those seats Maori seats back.

  3. Pete Kane

     /  22nd June 2016

    Fox, what a. thoughtless, worthless, waste of space.

    • Gezza

       /  22nd June 2016

      You think? Why?

      • Gezza

         /  22nd June 2016

        And what was your assessment of The Hone?

        • Pete Kane

           /  23rd June 2016

          He’s quite polished these days (when he feels like it).

          • Gezza

             /  23rd June 2016

            He’s still mainly polishing his ego and his insults IMO. If Maori Party had seven Marama’s in Parliament, they might get Maori somewhere. If Mana Party had seven Te Hone’s in Parliament, there might be no more Maori seats after their first term. Honest opinion.


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