Teknonym “a label to aggregate the work”

The most used ‘author’ name at Whale Oil has changed from ‘Cameron Slater’ to ‘Teknonym’. It appears to be largely same old under a new label.


It will be exactly the same and completely new. And yes, I realise that both can’t be true.

Whaleoil will continue to deliver stories with information that comes from the same network of people who have been the ‘invisible hand’ behind the blog for some time.

What seems to have changed is that stories that used to be posted under “Cameron Slater” are now being posted under “Teknonym”. The posts seem similar and whoever is writing is trying to emulate Slater’s style.

So who is Teknonym? Same old Whale Oil under a different name?


I must have missed it but do we know or was it said anywhere who Teknonym is?
He/she berry good!


    I duuno but I’m guessing it’s a name Pete gives to posts provided by readers etc.

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      Very perceptive. Yes, it’s not one individual. It is simply a label to aggregate the work while Cam is away. Careful observers will note that the “Whaleoil machine” without Cam simply continues to exist.

  • So various sources that used to supply and post under ‘Cameron Slater’ now supply and post under ‘Teknonym’?

    It was a questionable way to do things under ‘Cameron Slater’ but it’s quite an odd way to do things under ‘Teknonym’.

    Posts could have been written by any number of anonymous people. Or they could all be written by Pete Belt. Or whatever.

    An ironic post under Teknonym on Monday: WHICH POLLSTERS CAN YOU TRUST, AND WHICH ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR?

    Obvious questions will be which bloggers can you trust and which are bought and paid for? In Dirty Politics Nicky Hager exposed pay per posts at Whale Oil, under ‘Cameron Slater’.I don’t think that was ever really  denied by Slater.

    Suspicions remained, especially when posts related to apparent product endorsements and hit jobs (including political products).

    We know that Colmar Brunton are one of the most variable and have a clear bias towards Labour, for example.

    Who might ‘we’ be? “The same network of people who have been the ‘invisible hand’ behind the blog for some time”?

    They are either poorly informed or are deliberately discrediting Colmar Brunton. There is little movement in the latest One News Colmar Brunton poll and trends don’t look out of the ordinary – see One News Poll – June 2016.

    Whenever the Fraser House spy tells me that Labour are polling in the low to mid-thirties, and then paid-for polls come out, you can reliably subtract 4-6 points, every time.

    From anyone that would sound like vague unsubstantiated nonsense.


    • an anonymous person or persons,
    • who apparently share a pseudonym with a number of others (unless “it’s not one individual” means it’s a group of people working together, as in “we”),
    • citing an anonymous,claimed source,
    • citing private polls that are only leaked and never supported by anything authentic or with any substance,
    • on a blog with a reputation for posting false and misleading information,
    • a blog with a reputation for dirty politics,
    • a blog that still promotes itself on Twitter and Facebook with “THEY SAY DIRTY POLITICS LIKE IT IS A BAD THING”,

    …one could be forgiven for taking any posts by ‘Teknonym’ with a grain of political salt.

    So far it appears that Whale Oil is exactly the same with a completely new “label to aggregate the work”.

    It appears that Whale Oil  is continuing  “to deliver stories with information that comes from the same network of people who have been the ‘invisible hand’ behind the blog for some time”.

    UPDATE: a rather bizarre ramble by Pete belt this morning: FROM THE DRIVERS SEAT: WHALEOIL, KEY AND SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

    Hello chaps and chapesses. This is your Captain speaking. With the recent changes at WO I expected to have some trouble. On day one, someone signed up and started to troll. On day two, we have a reader-led revolt because for some reason this blog may not criticise people readers feel don’t deserve it. Pack mentality set in and people who weren’t even in the conversation piled in and made things worse.

    Surprise surprise, trouble under the new regime.

    I’ve said this for years: Whaleoil is a sizeable community. Cam Slater may be our public face to it, he provides an edge or the cream on top, but the essential bits that make up this blog will continue even when Cam Slater isn’t there.

    It continued when he was an editor at Truth. It’s continued even when he was spending most of his time on court related matters. And it will continue even though Cam is off “having a break away”. A change is as good as a holiday, after all

    Has Slater actually been sidelined?

    And it sounds like more commenters who have differing opinions to Belt are also being sidelined.

    Whaleoil should have enough to appeal to our readers most days, even when there is something that’s not your kind of thing. Make a choice – stay or go. But if you’re going to go, please don’t embarrass yourself by chucking your toys. It makes work for the moderators, and an hour later, nobody even remembers you were even there.

    He is pissing on the remaining faithful. Slater may have restrained him before, bit now it seems to be open slather, plus lectures.


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    1. dougal

       /  6th July 2016

      “And it sounds like more commenters who have differing opinions to Belt are also being sidelined” This is nothing new and is why I no longer bother commenting there. If Belt had designs on being leader then he got his wish BUT, there is no glory in being the overlord of an empty echo chamber.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  6th July 2016

        Teknonym is a rather odd name. I wonder if they know what it means-it seems pointless in this context.

    2. Teknonymph

       /  6th July 2016

      I’ve felt Pete’s heavy hand since the changeover. There’s to be no questioning of the motivations of the regime, or any posts that aren’t sipping on the kool aid – or you’re purged. What we are now seeing is not the community pete claims Whaleoil is. What we are now looking at is regurgitated news stories, with one or two lines of commentary, supported by a comments section that’s moderated to only display comments that support the authors narrow view. All is not what it seems with Slater’s ‘holiday’ – we are seeing a deliberate crashing of the whaleoil brand ahead of a relaunch under a new guise.

      • MaureenW

         /  6th July 2016

        Success then? They sure picked the right guy to crash the brand (any brand).

    3. MaureenW

       /  6th July 2016

      Anyone remember Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics, where the first rule was “If you are explaining, you are losing”? Clearly Belt doesn’t either.

    4. Alan Wilkinson

       /  6th July 2016

      In a nutshell: the “Whaleoil machine” without Cam simply continues to exist

      Belt defines vacuous pointlessness.

    5. Corky

       /  6th July 2016

      One thing about Righties: you are guaranteed excitement along the way. Not so the dour, glass half empty approach of the Standard.

      I think Whaleoil is fugged. Have a fine malt, clip that Havana and enjoy the demise Mr George.

      • Blazer

         /  6th July 2016

        You’re quite right the standard is dour,factual and insightful,whereas the right obfuscates,denies,blames and conjures up complete fantasies.

        • PDB

           /  6th July 2016

          Obviously you have severe reading & comprehension difficulties if you can find any of those positive things you mention at the Strandard……

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  6th July 2016

            Blazer has a vivid imagination which substitutes for reality whenever politically necessary.

        • Iceberg

           /  6th July 2016

          Giving LPrent a reacharound on this blog just makes you look like (more of) a idiot.

          *use of “a” is deliberate.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  6th July 2016

            As it was when Dickens wrote Mr Bumble’s usually misquoted words about the law, which he calls ‘a ass-a idiot.’

    6. Loki

       /  6th July 2016

      Has it not occurred to any of you that distancing himself might be a legal manoeuvre?
      There are a number of people trying to rinse him through the courts.
      Whatever the reason, nothing has changed.
      Still a couple of weird mates writing most of cams posts for him.
      They just put them under a new author name.

      • PDB

         /  6th July 2016

        I agree – distance himself publically but continue to post under a new name along with all of his buddies that have been posting under ‘Cameron Slater’ for the last few years.

        The sheep on there won’t notice as they hadn’t picked up on the fact Slater was hardly on there before now.

    7. unitedtribes2

       /  6th July 2016

      Perhaps they are testing the water to see what the reaction is if Cam goes to work full time with Freed.
      Perhaps PB has had a buy out and part of the deal is to ease the punters off Cam slowly to avoid a run on readers
      Perhaps Cam joined ISIS and went to Syria two years ago and someones just noticed he hasn’t been around.
      Or perhaps they have just adopted the Lauda Finem business model and maybe intend to merge
      There that my conspiracy threes for tonight

    8. Sponge

       /  6th July 2016

      Is there a most trusted blog survey?


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