Q&A: Little, UK/Iraq and children

On Q & A this morning:

100 years of Labour-what is it offering voters today? joins at 9am this morning


Also we cross live to Br Major General Julian Thompson on this week’s damning report into the


Also on the show interviews new Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft


Andrew Little:

Little’s phrase of the day is “more affordable houses”. Building state houses and giving them to select people at subsidised rents is affordable for who?

Little says they can make houses affordable. Confident the can make houses at a much more affordable level, but does not favour bringing down house prices.

He says the Government is “terrified” of doing anything that will help first home buyers. Not consistent with leaving current prices as they are.

Talking about selling state houses to tenants and then building more. That could be a good idea but it depends on whether it is subsidised or not, people who qualify for state houses are unlikely to be able to buy unless their circumstances change significantly.

Little says a trade deal with the EU is important despite his opposition to the TPPA, but says that we can’t compromise our sovereignty.  He may find that negotiating trade deals without compromise will be a bit of a challenge.

Little is still speaking with uncertainty and hesitation.

He doesn’t have any conspiracies about media and conspiracies and bias. He says that the way people are getting news is changing.

Dann refers to Brian Edwards column Little sidesteps that and talks about addressing the issues. That’s something he keeps repeating.

“I’m not a show pony, I’m a straight shooter”.

Coincidentally from @josiepagani

Kinnock ‘People of deep convictions can afford to compromise. People of shallow convictions are terrified of it.

Br Major General Julian Thompson:

Supports exiting the EU, saying that NATO is what is important because the US is a part of it – he says that the US contributes 73% of the cost of NATO.

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  1. Dougal

     /  10th July 2016

    I don’t know what the children’s commissioner has been smoking but one of the statistics he quoted was that over 65’s were six times better off than 18 year Olds? What sort of BS statistic is this to prove inequality? You would only need $6 in the bank to be six times better off than your average 18 year old.

    • John Schmidt

       /  10th July 2016

      Of course over 65’s are better off they have 47 years of income behind them. To imply an 18 year old should be as well off as a 65 year old is socialist nonsense.

    • Blazer

       /  10th July 2016

      ‘$6 in the bank to be six times better off than your average 18 year old.’…based on??

      • Dougal

         /  11th July 2016

        Based on my children..so far 4, 18 year olds. None of them saved any money when they were 18. They spend it like water regardless of what they have been taught.

        • Blazer

           /  11th July 2016

          so no sound basis at all then.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  16th July 2016

            It’s called hyberbole, it’s making a point and I don’t imagine that we are meant to take it literally.

            I would be very worried if anyone of 65 was worse off than a teenager. I didn’t save when I was 18, except when I wanted something-I didn’t save in order to have savings, as far as I can remember, or not much.

  2. Gezza

     /  10th July 2016

    I must watch this, interested in the comments by Br Major General Julian Thompson.
    NATO is surrounding & threatening Russia, & Russia has a history of being attacked by Western countries & surprising them when they think they have them on the ropes.

    The perception some people have that Stalin’s NKVD was what forced the Russians to fight off the Germans when they invaded in June 1941, and doesn’t reflect the fact that the attack actually made them intensely patriotic & prepared to undergo incredible hardship to (1) repel them & (2) go on to conquer other countries and instal friendly regimes under their control as buffers against it ever happening again.

  3. Gezza

     /  11th July 2016

    Watched the late, late rescreen of Q&A last night. Little didn’t come across too badly I thought. He got a chance most of the time to explain his plans. Corrin Dann just talked over top of him a couple of times before he’d finished saying something that I wanted to hear. It was like Andy was raving, I thought it was rude of Dann & unnecessary. He could’ve waited a couple of seconds & heard him out.

    Told, & then asked why, he didn’t come across well on TV—Andy said something like he’s not a show pony. There are lots of different media out there these days people are using to communicate, like Facebook, & that he thinks people out there are now wanting to actually hear about the problems and their solutions.

    So he’s taking a more positive, less negative, just ‘attack National’, line maybe. He should do.


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