UK soap opera: divisions

Missy’s UK update:

It is reported that Corbyn has hinted he will take legal action if he is not on the ballot for the Labour leadership vote. It is claimed he will need the backing of 51 MPs to get on the ballot, but it is doubtful he will, Corbyn said in an interview today on Andrew Marr’s show that he will not stand down in the wake of the challenge from Angela Eagle, and he will challenge it if the national executive committee tried to keep him off the ballot.

On the Conservatives side of the fence it has just really been the fallout from Andrea Leadsom’s gaffe in implying she would be a better PM because she has children, as to be expected Theresa May’s side has been really using that. Also, it has created some anger amongst Conservative women members, so could have a backlash against Leadsom come the vote.

Another story that I have seen today, but have no real confirmation – and it has been denied on twitter – is that a group of pro Europe Conservative and Labour MP’s may look at forming a pro-EU centric party. It is said to come from unhappy Labour MP’s and some Conservative MP’s who are threatening to leave if Leadsom becomes PM. All is not as well in the Conservatives as one would have you believe, it sounds like they are about as divided as Labour – just not as public about it.

So the soap opera of UK politics continue.

A local lawyer’s opinion of whether Corbyn needs a nomination:

1.Challenger to sitting Labour leader needs nomination.
2.All nominations must meet criteria.

1&2 don’t imply sitting leader needs nomination

Why is Corbyn intent on avoiding having to get the backing of 51 MPs for a nomination? Perhaps on principle of the party rules. Perhaps because he doesn’t have that many MPs who would back him.

If Angela Eagle takes over from Corbyn, and presuming Theresa May takes over leadership of the Conservatives, that would pit woman against woman at the top of UK politics.

An interesting sketch from the Telegraph: In a world of post-truth politics, Andrea Leadsom will make the perfect PM

We apparently now inhabit a world that appears to be increasingly anti-fact. It’s a world in which campaigners for Brexit unblushingly asserted that Britain sends £350m a week to the EU, and pledged to spend the entirety of this imaginary sum on the NHS. It’s a world in which the defence minister, Penny Mordaunt, falsely told voters that Britain has no veto over Turkey joining the EU.

And it’s a world in which 84 Tory MPs happily voted for a leadership candidate, Andrea Leadsom, who has made numerous deeply questionable claims about her career before politics.



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  1. Gezza

     /  11th July 2016

    Thanks Missy – my first read of the day since you started them. The goings on have been fascinating.

    ” … a group of pro Europe Conservative and Labour MP’s may look at forming a pro-EU centric party … ”

    just get over it and get on with it I reckon. Wonder if they’ll call it PEC? Might be quite appropriate. 🙂

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  11th July 2016

    It’s a world in which campaigners for Brexit unblushingly asserted that Britain sends £350m a week to the EU, and pledged to spend the entirety of this imaginary sum on the NHS.

    But is that actually true itself? Of course with so many people involved some may have said all kinds of nonsense and been misquoted as well, but from what I’ve read the leaders of Brexit did not say what is claimed here.

    Also Leadstom’s comments on children were far more nuanced than her opponents portray.

    • Missy

       /  12th July 2016

      What was actually said, and promoted, was that the £350m paid to the EU each week (which is the Gross amount, not net) could be used for services in the UK, such as the NHS – media went all out on it being a ‘campaign promise’.

      With regards to Leadsom’s comments on motherhood, yes they were more nuanced, but the way the quotes were printed in the Times was accurate, as the transcript and recording showed. This incident with Leadsom shows her naivety in dealing with the press.

  3. Blazer

     /  11th July 2016

    Bound to be an exaggeration.Just marketing.

  4. Missy

     /  12th July 2016

    Breaking News (for any insomniacs): Andrea Leadsom has withdrawn from the Leadership race, and left the way open for Theresa May. At the moment the press seem to be a little confused as to whether the Conservative Party rules will allow for Theresa May to just take office as PM, or if they will put someone else on the ballot and still have a vote.

    The Daily Mail seems to think that Theresa May could be in Downing Street by the end of the week, though that could be interesting, as it may be a case of 3 house moves since David Cameron is actually living in No. 11 not No. 10 due to the Chancellors house being bigger and better able to accommodate his family, so you would have Camerons moving out, Osbornes moving next door and the Mays moving in.

    I will give an update on all goings on later today.


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