Someone on another blog has posted a supposedly “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE SECRET POLL”, and the supposed results have been also posted at another blog.

All they have supplied is the supposed results for four parties. No details are given about:

  • the poll question
  • the sample size
  • the date polling was done
  • the margin of error
  • the methodology

In addition previous polls by the same pollster are also ‘secret’ so there’s no way of comparing the results and trends with public polls.

And the person breaking the exclusive news has not been the most reliable of bearers of news.

Some are excited by the claimed result but if the details and pollster history remain secret it can’t be taken very seriously.

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  1. Gezza

     /  15th July 2016


  2. Corky

     /  15th July 2016

    Bomber Cadbury??!

  3. PDB

     /  15th July 2016

    Key mentioned at the recent National party conference that National party internal polling (Farrar) had National regularly around 48% and Labour around 30%………I know who I’d rather believe and it ain’t Bradbury.

    To have Bradbury resort to having to make up poll results (or do a quick poll of himself) in an effort to get the left out to vote next year says it all really. It is part of his ‘master plan’ to back up his assertion that the Greens/Labour official coupling is a ‘game-changer’.

  4. duperez

     /  15th July 2016

    There are quaint sayings like “an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.” There are certain truths in media and politics. It’s curious when they sort of come together.

    Like everything that Bradbury makes up, writes or has on his site is rubbish. And everything that Matthew Hooton says is the real oil.

    So when on his site Bradbury talks about “secret’ poll results we know they’re rubbish. But if Hooton is mentioned on there with links to “secret’ poll results what is the real story? is it a case of two negatives equaling a positive? Or two positives equaling a negative? Or what? 🙃

  5. PDB

     /  15th July 2016

    Hooton on ‘secret’ poll:

    N 42
    L 28
    G 16
    NZF 10

    If anybody thinks the Greens are polling nationally at 16% then I’ve got a bridge to sell you……..


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