Q & A today

On NZ Q & A today:

Morena we’ll bring you the latest update from Turkey & Nice at 9am on TV1 along with the latest #nzpol

A rare TV interview with richlister Stephen Jennings on why education & inequality in NZ must be fixed.

tells what he wants in AK’s Unitary plan + his advice for first home-buyers

Also on the show talks and with Prof. Margaret Wilson.

Fran O’Sullivan has also written about Rich-lister sends message to Key

Rich-lister Stephen Jennings’ warning that “we are facing an iceberg” deserves to shatter business complacency on housing.

It should also shatter the complacency of the Prime Minister – if he allows himself to hear it.

Jennings has confronted the business elite with some unpalatable truths: rising house prices and immigration-fuelled economic growth are masking an underlying “iceberg that lies ahead”.

“We are sleepwalking into an economically ugly place,” he warns. “How can we look at ourselves in the mirror and say how can we live with having one of the most unequal education systems in the Western world – and even if you are very selfish you better say to yourself that is not sustainable.

“Those chickens are going to come home to roost.”

Does someone labelled as a ‘rich-lister’ deserve as much attention as a ‘celebrity’?

The Jennings interview is very interesting.

He says that our education system is a serious problem (and so is housing but everyone’s saying that). He says that education seriously disadvantages the lower deciles and poorer achievers. He slams the teachers’ unions and the system of rewarding just about all teachers regardless of their performance.

He also has interesting things to say on politics here, how we do it and warns that we will have Trump/Brexit type reactions if serious issues aren’t addressed adequately.

Social inequality is an important issue that needs to be addressed in a by-partisan way.

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  1. Blazer

     /  17th July 2016

    Rich listers are celebrities because they are famous.We should all aspire to be rich and famous,its the american way.People will however, envy us and be consumed with jealousy,they will suffer from tall poppy syndrome ,but no matter how many lotto tickets the chattering classes buy,they will learn to accept that,its lonely at the top….and bloody crowded at the…bottom.

  2. Gezza

     /  17th July 2016

    Corrin Dann’s developed this nasty habit of interrupting his guests before they’ve finished answering. He did it with Andrew LIttle last week too. Maybe I’ve just never noticed it.

    Apart from that, I found it an interesting interview. Especially his comments on the rapid rise of the Russian economy during the time he was there, and that in his opinion the bottom 10% of teachers who’ll never be any better are responsible for the bottom 10% of achievers – mainly Maori & Pasifika.

    • Gezza

       /  17th July 2016

      Didn’t put that very well – should said “the bottom 10% of non-achievers – mainly Maori & Pasifika”.

      Obviously a supporter of performance pay & not a fan of the current system of measuring teacher performance.

    • John Schmidt

       /  17th July 2016

      I hate it when Dann puts on his winey voice.


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