Another response to Chinese trade allegations

David has responded in comments to Key on Chinese trade allegations:

Irresponsible idiots in the media doing the Dirty Politics with ETu union organiser now all over the media calling for tariffs to protect his workers which is perfectly fair but having the media try to kick off a trade war is bloody stupid.

This story has now been denied by pretty much everyone, the only exception is McLay saying he will have officials make a call which is code for shutting up idiot reporters given McLay has just spent a week in China at a trade meeting.

If this am ETu beat up via the media then yes, it is irresponsible.

I’ve had a quick look for “ETu union organiser now all over the media” and can’t find any sign of it.

Links to anything of this nature would help make a case for alleged union irresponsibility.

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  1. David

     /  18th July 2016

    Gallagher the Etu organiser is on Paul Henry calling for tariffs on chinese steel as he claims its being dumped here. Looks like they succesfully planted the story on Whaleoil of all places.
    All we have is a journalist being duped by Etu with a made up story who then runs around and finds there is absolutely no corrobaration from anywhere but given he has quotes he crafts a story. Ask someone from Fed Farmers how important China trade is..tick, pretend there are rumours going around that Fonterra and Zespri are being targeted for revenge from the nasty Chinese and get a denial…tick. Ask a trade expert if they think that if there is a complaint confirm that the Chinese government will defend its interests…tick. And finally the Minister has to succumb to saying he will ask his officials to make some calls just so he doesnt look like he is being cavalier with our trade ties.
    How much investment does China have in NZ ? its huge and they arnt going to jepeordize all that over a small amount of steel. Its Etu trying to strong arm MBIE to launch an investigation into steel dumping and the media being complicit, Dirty Politics ?

  2. Gezza

     /  18th July 2016

    I think they spell their union name E tu rather than as one word David.

    Interesting observations. I think quite astute actually – you could be right.

  3. PDB

     /  18th July 2016

    Sounds like a union/left wing type move – sabotage the whole country in order to get their way, or prove a point.

    Think Kiwi-power (announced purely to reduce the amount of money the govt would get from the partial sale of power companies), Kiwirail (Cullen bought it at a ridiculously inflated price to make it harder for the incoming National govt to deliver their promised tax cuts & leave them with an ongoing financial headache) & student loans (totally unaffordable to the country & unworkable (as it was implemented) but put in place purely to win an election).

    Kiwirail: “Consider the following facts: KiwiRail was bought for $665 million. That figure then turned out to be $690m, plus other spending commitments, and ongoing preferential treatment for Toll’s trucking business at the expense of New Zealand- owned competitors (so much for supporting local business). This failed policy has already cost the taxpayer about a billion dollars”.

    “KiwiRail has been subsequently valued at $369m. This was an upfront loss to the taxpayer of $321m – a loss of almost a million dollars a day for a year after the purchase. Put another way, $320m of taxpayers’ money was spent for value that never existed”.

  4. Joe Bloggs

     /  19th July 2016

    One day the government is in full denial over allegations that Chinese has approached NZ exporters to express anger and threaten trade reprisals, at New Zealand’s willingness to accept a complaint about steel imports.

    The next day Key and co seem to know all about meetings between Zespri & Fonterra and Chinese trade officials who are “highly hypothetically” heavying our exporters.

    It’s hard to know who to believe any more. But it sure doesn’t look like E Tu is as involved as some want us to believe.

  5. Blazer

     /  19th July 2016

    Its the Key trademark,no,definately not,well maybe,in fact…yes!


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