Fireball from Dunedin

Something like a bigger and slower than normal shooting star/meteorite was seen from Dunedin tonight.

Ian Griffin (astonomer) is referring to it as a bright meteor. It travelled approximately southwest to northwest.

Mt John Observatory astronomer Natasha Gardiner: “We have been up here on Mt John for years and we have never seen one this big.” She guessed it was the size of a fist.

ODT: Light over Dunedin ‘rarer’ than a meteor (+ video)

Former resident superintendent of Canterbury University’s Mt John Observatory, astronomer Alan Gilmore, said the fireball was rarer than a meteor.

“It’s not a meteor, I’m certain of that.

“It took too long to go across the sky.”

Mr Gilmore said the flash had all the characteristics of a re-entry of debris from a space craft, or piece of equipment which had been orbiting earth.

Mr Gilmore said the only other such case in Southern skies he knew of happened about 10 years ago.


Mt John Observatory astronomer Natasha Gardiner: “We have been up here on Mt John for years and we have never seen one this big.”

Nathan Jaquiery I have just seen what looked like a meteor or something else go down over Dunedin city, although it was quite high in the sky hard to say if it landed or not… Anyway quite freaky and dramatic,,.. anyone else see it?

Shani Roberts Seen it heading back out to Brighton it was amazing!! Was so close put here just got bigger as it got closer was bloody amazing tried pulling over to capture footage but the cloud covered our view after we pulled over and we lost sight of it. Hope someone got some footage had to be a meteor?

Mark Kane You legend! My partner spotted it and we watched it from one side to the other. Was really a sight and I’m so glad someone got it on camera! I was thinking to myself “last thing Dinosaurs saw…

Stacey French Abbotsford but it was massive and looked like a huge flaming comet

Tetae Parata Out of it . My partner noticed somethng explode then we watched it spiral downwards

Petra Colwell I saw that too. North East over the harbour. It looked like a big ball of flame.

Tania Mitchell Metaor I think. Watched it from over towards mosgiel over the hill over our house in Brockville had a small fizz up over pine hill then towards port chalmers it just kept going and going must have been large. Also been told it was seen breaking up north of Palmerston!

Anita Maria Ireland Was seen over Blenheim about 22 minutes ago

Stuff/Press: Meteor spotted flying over South Island

A large meteor has exploded over the South Island, sparking a flurry of phone calls to police.

It was spotted up and down the island when it hit earth’s atmosphere and exploded about 6.30pm. 

Mt John Observatory astronomer Natasha Gardiner said it was the biggest meteor she had seen. 

It exploded into four pieces after hitting earth’s atmosphere. It was not a comet, she said. 

“We have been up here on Mt John for years and we have never seen one this big.”

A similar meteorite in Russia several years ago caused shock waves that smashed windows, she said. 

“We were a bit a little bit concerned initially to be honest.”

Gardiner said it was unlikely the meteor hit the ground. 

“We saw it soaring across the sky and then it exploded and went in four different directions.”

Gardiner guessed it was about the size of a fist. 

“Normally they are about the size of a grain of sand.”

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  19th July 2016

    How exciting ! Even on the video it was obvious that this was a large and dramatic meteor/shooting star. It must have wonderful to actually see it.

  2. patupaiarehe

     /  19th July 2016

    I witnessed something similar up here about 5 years ago, started like that, then split in two. Really cool to see. Anyone remember this? Apparently over 20,000m2 of windows were blown out by the shockwave, but I’m not sure how they arrived at that figure. Anyway….

  3. patupaiarehe

     /  19th July 2016

    Newshub have just had an ‘expert’ on, who reckons it’s ‘space junk’, due to it’s low apparent velocity.
    On the topic of historical sky stuff, does anyone else remember seeing this on the news several years back?

    Would love to hear your take on it UglyTruth, if you’re about….

    • Gezza

       /  19th July 2016

      Yes, I remember that *groovy* spiral light pp. o_O

      • patupaiarehe

         /  19th July 2016

        The really interesting thing is G, is that as soon as I saw that on TV, I looked it up on Wikipedia. So I know what was there originally. Funny how there are no links to video there anymore, because there used to be… The top video is the closest to the original footage I can find… Missile test, my arse!

    • On May 26, President Barack Obama issued a report to the U.S. Congress about an interagency effort to develop an “integrated policy” to deter potential enemies in Space. Obama’s “Space Report” gives credence to secret space program whistleblowers such as Corey Goode, who claim that battles have been fought between rival secret space programs in 2015, with the most recent occurring over Antarctica in April 2016.

  4. Zedd

     /  20th July 2016

    I didn’t see it either.. maybe Nth Korea doing a long range missile test ? (I hope not) 😦


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