New depths

William Trubridge has sunk to new depths (and he’s not a politician).

One News: He’s done it! Kiwi freediver William Trubridge sets astonishing new world record

Kiwi freediver William Trubridge has set a new world record, beating his old mark of 101m for the deepest unassisted dive in history.

Trubridge, 36, reached a depth of 102m on single breath at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas this morning.

He spent 4mins 13sec underwater.

It is the 18th world record he has set, and comes after he fell just 10m short of the record in December 2014.

That’s a long time holding your breath under water.

It must be particularly difficult judging how far down you can go, and for how long, knowing that you have to get back up again.

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  1. pickled possum

     /  21st July 2016

    Yaaa Thanks for that! Pete. I watched his 2014 attempt and thought that he would push it past the Limit but he conceded defeat that time! That Blue Hole is the scariest looking thing to go from seeing all around to Blackness … Freaky!

    Well Done to William Trubridge … Bravo!

    • Gezza

       /  21st July 2016

      Yep – bravo William! We all love a winner.
      But it just crossed my mind that if he’d died in the attempt, how many among our pop. who’ll be cheering him today would’ve said: “stupid idiot – taking such stupid risks” ?

      • pickled possum

         /  21st July 2016

        Well Geza If and only If William Trubridge lost his life, diving to the middle of the Blue Hole … he will always be the guy that lost his life doing some Random Risky Risque? shit … he was the worlds best at 18 times!! And really, would he even care what any body had to say about him, when he’s dead and buried.
        I think it’s the most scariest thing I could possible even think of doing.
        I with you on that one MKKK. 😉

        • Gezza

           /  21st July 2016

          Well said, Possum. I was just musing on tendency of more than a few people to turn on someone who goes from hero to zero in the blink of, say, 8 America’s cup races, & the odd, now rare, loss by the ABs.

          Not all meant to detract from William’s bravery & success.

  2. Kitty Catkin

     /  21st July 2016

    I am fainting with terror at the mere thought of doing this !!!

  3. Brown

     /  21st July 2016

    I saw a film on TV a few years ago about a couple of Europeans competing in a free diving competition. It was great, very entertaining indeed but I can’t recall if it was based on a true events. One died trying to break the record. Not a sport for the faint hearted.


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