Wasserman Schultz’s resignation

Just before the Democrat convention that presumably would have tried to show they were less of a circus than the Republicans the Democrat National Committee ringmaster has resigned, in part due to embarrassing emails leaked by Wikileaks, but some feel this was just the last straw.

Jim Manley at The Wall Street Journal: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s DNC Resignation and Headlines the Clinton Campaign Doesn’t Want During Convention

A few days ago I thought the Democratic convention in Philadelphia would be a boring and news-less event–a prediction blown apart by the fight over Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the announcement Sunday that she would resign as chair of the Democratic National Committee at the end of the convention.

With Democrats desperate to show a more united front than the circus on display at last week’s Republican convention, this could not be happening at a worse time. The congresswoman’s departure was forced by the WikiLeaks site’s release of more than 19,000 emails, some of which disclosed discussion and behavior of party staffers that appeared aimed at undermining the presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as he competed for months against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s decision to step down and try to avoid fanning the flames was the right one–but a day late and a dollar short.

Sanders has said he still fully supports Clinton, who says she knew nothing about the one sided campaigning by Wasserman Schultz, but this all suggests the Democrats have their share of internal problems.

To many Democrats, some of Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s actions seemed to reflect her personal objectives rather than party goals. The leaked emails were not themselves decisive–politics is a blood sport–but for many they were the last straw.

After months of tensions, Ms. Wasserman Schultz has come to embody what some see as establishment efforts to undermine the Sanders campaign and ensure that Mrs. Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination.

With Sanders supporters sensitive to slights of their candidate and his agenda, allowing her to stay on through the convention and to address the hall is likely to be a bad decision. The Sanders folks smell blood in the water–they are all but certain to make her time at the podium a living hell.

While Sanders will presumably put party interests first many of his supporters have been very negative about Clinton already, and may now make their displeasure known at the convention.

What’s the chances of Gary Johnson being given a serious shot at the presidency by media? Probably bugger all.

But there must be an opportunity begging for an ‘A Pox on Both Parties’ campaign.

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  1. Klik Bate

     /  25th July 2016

    And I see Julian is claiming it as his ‘first cap’

    • Nelly Smickers

       /  25th July 2016

      Yes, and I see he’s promising to have another huge dump on October 26th…*Hillary’s birthday* ❗

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  25th July 2016

    Judging by her own party’s reaction, Schultz must be a nasty piece of work.

  3. Might get tasty… if they have hacked the DNC server then maybe they have the email from Hillary’s private server. And that would be very interesting around October

  4. Corky

     /  25th July 2016

    So, how many demonstrators will be outside the Democrats convention.

  5. My alarm bells are ringing. Who is in charge of Wikileaks now? I am a card carrying member for 5 years plus, and still treat everything published with the normal commonsense scepticism that should occur with the timing of such a leak of Emails and its context.
    Who is paying the “Piper”? There is a lot of chat on the Intelligence Blogs about it being another Russian “disinformasi” campaign. We all need to remember that a “traitor” who is being paid and looked after by Russia (yes, debatable but also supported by others) is at the heart of this whole problem. Snowden etal MUST NOT be allowed to interfere with or change the conditions under which the average US voter exercises their vote for the next Presidential election. Reminds me of the Dotcom/Hager/ MSM attempted interference with our last election. How DUMB do they think we are?

    • Nelly Smickers

       /  26th July 2016

      Interestingly enuff Marshy, I see where Dotty tweeted *way back in 2014*…..”That he would be Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016″


    • Blazer

       /  26th July 2016

      yes all persuasive propaganda should be solely the realm of the banker backed candidates Colonel.Can’t have any critique of the military /industrial complex that has served ordinary americans so well….well can we?How many years of budget deficits have they run so far,maintaining military empire,while negelecting domestic matters?People have had enough ,the handful,the elite, care not about sovereignty,equality,jobs,welfare,health,crime….they will monetise everything and everyone internationally,for …profit!


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