Medicinal cannabis available in NSW

Medical cannabis products can bow be prescribed by doctors in New South Wales.

ODT:  Medicinal cannabis allowed in NSW

Business Insider Australia has more detail in Doctors in NSW can prescribe cannabis from today:

Seriously ill people can be prescribed cannabis-based medicines in New South Wales under changes to the law that come into effect today.

The medicines were only available under clinical trials up until now, but NSW premier Mike Baird says doctors can now consider them for patients who have exhausted existing treatment options.

“This change increases the options available for doctors as it means a broader range of cannabis-based medicines can be prescribed – while we continue our evidence-based research looking further into the role medicinal cannabis can play,” Baird said.

Applications from prescribing doctors will be assessed by the Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Administration, and by a committee of medical experts on behalf of NSW Health before they can be used.

Applications from prescribing doctors will be assessed by the Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Administration, and by a committee of medical experts on behalf of NSW Health before they can be used.

More information on what the NSW Government is doing with Cannabis and Cannabis Products for Therapeutic Purposes

The NSW Government is committed to developing a better understanding of the potential for cannabis and/or cannabis products to alleviate symptoms or potentially treat a range of debilitating or terminal illnesses.

Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation

To help further our understanding of cannabis and cannabis-derived substances for therapeutic purposes, the NSW Government has announced the establishment of the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation.

Clinical trials of cannabis products

The NSW Government is investing $9 million over the next five years on clinical trials of cannabis products. The trials will explore the use of cannabis and/or cannabis products in providing relief for patients suffering from severe paediatric epilepsy, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, and for symptom relief for those with terminal illness.

Terminal Illness Cannabis Scheme

The Terminal Illness Cannabis Scheme is separate to the terminal illness clinical trial.

The Scheme provides guidelines for NSW police officers to assist them in determining appropriate circumstances in which to use their discretion not to charge adults with terminal illness who use cannabis and/or carers who assist them.

Guidance for medical practitioners has also been developed to assist when patients are seeking medical certification to access the Scheme.

See Terminal Illness Cannabis Scheme for more information.

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  1. Good post PG

    Hardly a ground breaker, by NSW Govt… BUT certainly one up on NZs unfunded >$1200/month ‘Pharmacutical/Sativex’ only if approved by the minister B-S !!

    Dunne/Key needs to get their A off the fence & accept that cannabis does have genuine therapeutic/medicinal use.. even in its raw form, as in Canada, EU, USA etc. (it can be ingested by other means, besides smoking it).
    They need to cut their ‘Reefer Madness/zero tolerance’ nonsensical rhetoric. 😦

  2. One day we’ll be the last boat left in Port when all the others have sailed …

    We absolutely need to consider the “raw form” Zedd, not just Big Pharma’s medication-commodity-product versions, and we also need to seriously consider recreational use at the same time IMHO.

  3. cant agree more PZ.. but as in most other countries the Med-use seems to get the priority, unfortunately Dunne has stated on many occassions: NO ‘leaf/buds’ for medicinal use & NO Recreational use.. end of discussion !!

    I keep wondering.. “why is it so ?” esp. when he supported regulated SYNTHETICS, until the public outcry 😦

    • Yeah, well, “money doesn’t grow on trees” eh Zedd?

      Really I think Dunne himself should be prosecuted for the synthetics debacle. That cost a few people their sanity and cost numerous communities a lot of pain, suffering and money.

      Conversely though, on the potentially positive side, if they don’t allow ‘leaf & bud’ (medically &/or recreationally) the black market will simply continue, so hopefully that’s an incentive to ‘get real’? $400m per annum to police!!! To police what!? Much of the so-called ‘crime’ is just a sort of community ‘underground railroad’, exactly like we’d have if alcohol was illegal … only far less harmful.

      But I guess patience will be required too? Which is a bummer for today’s chronic pain sufferers and terminally ill people? Medical cannabis will be the thin end of the wedge that eventually breaks the ‘Reefer Madness/zero tolerance’ stone of BULLSHIT.

    • Gezza

       /  2nd August 2016

      So excited, Zeddo ! Just cleared me letterbox.

      ( Stung again by Mercury Bee’s power bill. 😦 )

      BUT … Newsletter from me Electorate MP !
      (Yayyyy! Blows whistle & duck-call thinggy) 😀

      “UNITED FUTURE – Peter Dunne Reports – No. 2, 2016.”

      Probably explains everything. If anything in there’s of use or interest to you, I’ll let ya know mate. Savin it meantime for next visit to me out-house. 😎

  4. The difference in NZ being.. we dont have separate states, with their own laws as in USA & Aust. or provinces in Canada.

    When I came back to NZ over a decade ago (from 20 years in Aust.) I heard that there was once a Sth Island independence party.. maybe a plan.. “FREEDOM” ? 😀


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