Little trying to forbid MPs associating

Andrew Little is trying to control who Labour MPs can associate with, but not very successfully.

Newstalk ZB: Labour MPs forbidden from associating with “right-wing” Wellington mayoral candidate

Wellington Mayoral candidate Nick Leggett appears to be public enemy number one for the Labour Party as its MPs are forbidden from associating with him.

Labour Leader Andrew Little has pulled rank, preventing MP Stuart Nash from speaking at an event where Mr Leggett was also speaking.

Mr Little said the event was for right-wingers who have routinely sought to undermine the Labour Party and it’s not right for a Labour MP to share a platform with people who do that.

And he’s making it clear he considers Nick Leggett, a former Labour Party member, a right-winger.

“His campaign manager is well-known ACT party identity. We know that there’s money from the right-wing that has gone into his campaign. He’s a right-wing candidate.”

This is stupid. Is Little going to stop Labour MPs and candidates from associating with right wingers and people who try to ‘undermine’ Labour during next year’s election as well as this year’s local body elections?

However, Leggett is laughing off suggestions he’s right wing.

Mr Leggett said he’s standing as an independent and doesn’t believe there’s a place for party politics in local government.

“I’ve got people that have worked on my campaign from all parts of the political spectrum, mainly Labour and National obviously. That’s local government, you unite around good ideas for the communities that you live in.”

Labour has endorsed current deputy mayor Justin Lester for the position.

Little doesn’t think it’s a good idea though. If Labour candidate Justin Lester wins the Wellington mayoralty will Little try to tell him who he can’t associate with? Councillors who until recently were members of the Labour Party?

And it gets stupider.

When it was pointed out to Little that David Shearer had attended the same function, Little said: “I’m saying it is not right for Labour MPs to be associated with events like that and with people who seek to undermine the Labour Party.”

Shearer attended – as any MP should be able to – but Nash was prevented from associating with Shearer and others by Little.

Will Little try to stop Labour MPs from associating with right wingers and people who try to undermine Labour in Parliament?

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  1. Corky

     /  9th August 2016

    Lol…Lefties always revert to type. You just have to give it time. That goes for commentators as well.

    Gives an insight into the petty mind of Little. Great chance for Key to have some fun during the leaders debate: ” nice of you to share the stage with me, Andrew!! ”

    If Labour becomes the next government I can guarantee they will be one hit wonders.

  2. Kitty Catkin

     /  10th August 2016

    I can’t believe that he dictates the people with whom Labour MPs can associate. That’s heading towards dictatorship, full stop. Will he decide next who they can socialise with and marry ? Or what they can name their children ? Or that they mustn’t go to church or wear blue clothes ?

  3. Blazer

     /  10th August 2016

    Goff and Shearer should both leave the Labour Party.Shearer is the um,um biggest mistake Labour made for years.Key(and his handlers) instructs his min isters as to where they can appear and what they can say,nothing new here.

    • Gezza

       /  10th August 2016

      As long as he doesn’t tell his max insters where they can appear and what they can say it may not really matter that much. H1 used to be pretty good at telling her max insters “what the ^%&! did you go there & say that for? Don’t do that again without checking first with H2.”

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  10th August 2016

        Can you be more precise, Blazer ? Examples, please.

        • Blazer

           /  10th August 2016

          when you hear(frequently lately)that the minister was unavailable for comment,declined to appear,or such like you will know.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  10th August 2016

            That’s telling me nothing-it’s an opinion as to why this is. There are times when this is the only response-confidentiality, national security….


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