Sack them all?

It’s not uncommon so see calls to sack politicians. Andrew Little was at it again today:


Duncan Garner picked up on this: Little calls for fifth minister to be sacked

Andrew Little has called for Nick Smith to be sacked as Housing Minister.

Shock. Horror. You’re bloody joking me?

If Andrew Little had his way there may be no Cabinet Ministers left.

Maybe that’s the grand plan?

In the last year or so Little has called for the sackings of:

  • Murray McCully for the Saudi sheep deal.
  • Todd McClay for his position on China trade sanctions.
  • Simon Bridges for his Northland one-way bridges policy.
  • And Gerry Brownlee for his management of the Christchurch rebuild.

And now Nick Smith. Are there any more?

So; does Little have a point?

Has Nick Smith been so bad on housing that he deserves to be sacked by the Prime Minister?

Or does Andrew Little need to get a bit more original and find some better lines and more creative material.

There’s a real cry world type problem here. How would anyone know when it was really justified for a Minister to be sacked? Not by listening to Little. Or others.

I don’t think Little has called on John Key to resign yet but both Russel Norman and Winston Peters have in the past.

It’s hard enough getting capable people standing for Parliament as it is without sacking all and sundry at the whim of a political opponent.

Wouldn’t it be good if more leaders actually led by example instead of trying to trash everyone else?

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  9th August 2016

    My stepfather had a saying about not giving the other fellow free publicity.

  2. Blazer

     /  9th August 2016

    Key said he would resign if it was shown that mass surveillance of NZ’ers was happening.When confronted with evidence that it was a fact,he took his usual default position,slippery semantics,…thats …’bulk collection’!Will have his place cemented in NZ political history as the Slippery Eel And Liar of alltime.

  3. Geoffrey

     /  9th August 2016

    For as long as being elected to Parliament is seen by those who are elected as an attractive source of income, rather than an opportunity to serve, we will continue to have MPs given Ministerial appointments based primarily on their ability to assist in the retention of power. The PM’s opening remarks to the recent National Party Conference said it all.. words to the effect, “Keep doing what you are doing and we will win the election”. This is far removed from an exhortation to work hard to preserve the ability to manage the affairs of the country to the best advantage of its citizens.

  4. PDB

     /  9th August 2016

    Andrew Little should sack himself for his dismal preferred PM ratings……….

    • Gezza

       /  9th August 2016

      He probably wouldn’t even be able to figure out what address to send the sacking letter to.


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