Changed headline on failing students

A screen shot of a post at Whale Oil yesterday:


An obvious faux pas. It was actually posted as two separate images.

SB commented:

Heaven forbid the government try to help failing students. The teacher unions can’t be having that. Failing students is their job!

But the headline doesn’t reflect what the unions said, going by the article.

The latest increase – $12 million – will be targeted to 150,000 students who have been identified as being most at-risk of under achievement.

“We absolutely appreciate that’s a good thing to do but not at the expense of the operations grant which actually provides support for all children,” NZEI national president Louise Green says.

So it would appear to be both the One News headline writer and SB who have failed here. Perhaps neither read the article properly.

One News have since changed the headline.


The original headline text is still on the photo but at least the headline is now more appropriate.

No correction from SB though.

And why are WO screen shots in pieces?  One aim seems to be to remove ‘Source One News’ and replace it with ‘’.


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  1. Gezza

     /  16th August 2016

    I’m sure they mean well PG. :/

  2. Blazer

     /  16th August 2016

    I was talking to an ex long time employee of the old Auckland Star recently….he opines that print media is now so threatened,that jobs and pay for quality journos is at an all time low and getting worse.When I notice the obvious bias of some journos ,I suspect they appreciate this only too well.Their ambition seems to be a cushy job as a political secretary or PR person.Thats where the money is.

  3. duperez

     /  16th August 2016

    The headline reflecting what the unions said or think or what their individual members think is irrelevant to it’s use on Whale Oil and particularly on a piece by that blogger.

    The headline reflects their outlook and agenda of teacher unions and teachers as a group and individuals. An independent observer might enjoy considering differences between the heinous ideology and practices they see in teachers and their unions to those of their pathological perspective and practices.


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