Hawkes Bay water and Whale Oil

Duncan Brown has sent this observation of a post and comments at Whale Oil on the Havelock North water problems.

On WhaleOil yesterday, in a post entitled, ” Did CHB shit cause the gastro outbreak in Havelock North?”, http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2016/08/did-chb-shit-cause-the-gastro-outbreak-in-havelock-north/ the ubiquitous and anonymous Teknonym published an old photo of the Waipawa River, with the following text:

“It is shit from the non compliant CHB waste water scheme running into the Waipawa river. Not far down stream this runs into the Tukituki River, which runs down through CHB into Hawkes Bay past Havelock North.

The water from the Tukituki could be contaminating the Havelock North Town Supply.
Remember this is water that the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is allowing to be polluted because they are not enforcing the consents on CHB, who continue to pour their shit into our rivers.”

The key line, an absolute conjecture is in the second paragraph, “The water from the Tukituki could be contaminating the Havelock North Town Supply.”

Fair enough, WhaleOil can have their hobby horses, every blogger does. It’d be nice if they could add a bit of science, you know, balanced reporting and all that, as they so regularly demand from the MSM and anyone else they disagree with.

But the conversation gets interesting in the comments:

First out of his corner is F T Bear…

  • F T Bear11 hours ago

    If you are not going to take the time to understand the aquifer system and how it works, and just sit back making silly conclusions based on someones personal crusade. You become just like all the Duncan Garners and HDPA’s and all the other left leaning fools that get a hard time on this blog.
    The water in the Tuki Tuki river has NOTHING to do with the water taken from a well near Havelock North

Pete jumps into the ring, wearing his gloves AND his referee’s uniform, and throws a haymaker…

  • Pete Mod F T Bear

    Mayor Yule can’t get two back to back water tests to deliver a consistent result, yet you keep coming here and have all the answers. Everybody says they have no real idea, including Tonkin Taylor, and you come here and are ruling this out. You might be right, but the council could do with your knowledge, your confidence and blind faith. Don’t waste it here.

Let me translate: It’s Mayor Yule’s fault, and because the results are inconsistent, HE is inconsistent. You obviously just don’t get it. No one really knows, and although you’ve obviously got your own opinion – and you might be right – any view other than Teknonym’s is not welcome on this blog.
Understandably, in the face of such worthy opposition, F T Bear backs-off, just a little, then jabs a bit

  • F T Bear Pete • But everything I have said is public knowledge. I just read and listen.

    The Tonkin Taylor report has nothing to do with Waipawa river, what I’m saying is you are misleading with your speculation.
    Since Saturday morning they have tested the water in Havelock every day and have no positive tests, to say he can’t put two tests back to back is also misleading.

Pete senses his opponent’s weakness, and gives him the old one-two…

  • Pete Mod F T Bear

    I just got it from the radio news where Mayor Yule said the latest test came back negative, so the previous one was a false positive. This is on the tanker.

    The point being that if these tests are so crap “publicly available” information is clearly not reliable.

    It amuses me that the first test was a false positive, as opposed to the second test being a false negative.

    You know. Spin, and all that.

    But that’s what this platform is for. And we don’t need your snide remarks. Just state your case, others, such as hard1 state theirs.

    ” You become just like all the Duncan Garners and HDPA’s” is sufficient to kick you to the kerb for trolling. I haven’t, because I’m sure it’s just a slip up. By all means defend your position, but don’t start kicking the moderators shins because they will eventually react.

Let me translate: My facts are better than your facts. We don’t like spin around here, unless it’s ours. Throw a punch we don’t like, even if it’s a legitimate comparison, that’s a foul and you’ll be out for the count. And don’t bother with any official protest, I’m the ref too, sucker!
And F T Bear whimpers a little, hits himself, throws his arms around a couple of times and throws in the towel…

  • F T Bear Pete

    Sorry, It is definitely not my intention to up set things, or you, I will give myself an uppercut.

    My points all along in this is that we jump to conclusions and start mixing fact with fiction that very soon becomes more fact.
    One of the issues is the terminology and on that I agree it could be better. As you and all your readers know sometimes our press are a bit fast and loose with the truth, misleading with bits and pieces just cause more angst.

    The problem with the test on the tanker that came back as a positive was the water was from a bore in Hastings which is why they chlorinated Hastings water. It is more than likely a tanker problem not a water problem. They haven’t had a positive test from the water in Havelock since the dosed it last Friday night.

    My other point is that the Waipawa river , RWSS, have nothing to do with this Havelock situation, I believe you only cloud and confuse by bring it up.

Translation: Thanks ref, I’m sorry I hit you where it hurts, here, I’ll do penance. Let me reiterate my point, but I’ll also blame the media cos I know that will make you happy. (whisper) And by the way, my points were valid.

And noting his opponent’s much subdued demeanor, the ref graciously doesn’t reply to the substance of his argument and declares himself the winner.

Judge’s decision: FT Bear loses the bout and might never return to the ring. The promoter loses cos he’s soon going to run out of fair-minded opponents. The audience loses and goes home disappointed to play tiddlywinks. The ref crows to his sycophants in the blue corner how once again he won the fight, fair and square, hardly noticing the rapidly emptying stadium beyond. The janitor of the once-worthy establishment prepares to turn out the lights, and heads off to the nearest bar to reflect on the good old days and weeps for what might have been.

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  1. Whale Oil has posted quite a bit about Hawkes Bay and water. I believe that Simon Lusk comes from there, and is also a contributor at times to WO.

    • Gezza

       /  20th August 2016

      Garn, they do their best, often under some very ‘trying’ circumstances.

    • Conspiratoor

       /  20th August 2016


      and Zedd smokes dope and supports cannabis reform
      and Gezza lives in Welly and hates mallards

      Well bugger me pg. It all falls into place. Conspiracies are all around us!

      • Joe Bloggs

         /  20th August 2016

        The difference is that Zedd and Gezza don’t get paid to post spin on blog sites

    • Pete Kane

       /  20th August 2016

      Yea, I was going to mention that do seem to take quite an interest in The Bay over at the Whale Global Media Corporation.

  2. Conspiratoor

     /  20th August 2016

    An interesting commentary pg on the type of exchange we don’t get to see very often on the WO. And a well chosen analogy with pugilistics. Well done

  3. pickled possum

     /  20th August 2016

    Do we need any more enemies of Freedom of Speech? when there is Manipulators of the sleaziest form like Lusk, Slater, Belt and the crew of the sinking Whale ship.

  4. Duncan Brown – an excellent assessment. I couldn’t disagree with a word.

    • Thanks Traveller. Obviously I’m fairly close to the action both living in Hastings and working for Hawke”s Bay Today, the local paper. It’s been a tumultuous week with a lot of unknowns and unfortunately people have started throwing shit – much like the contaminants in the water, it is unwelcome.
      As a photojournalist and as a blogger the hypocrisy on WhaleOil is near as bad as the campylobacter.


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