The Nation – bad Havelock water, good Helen Kelly

On The Nation today, the bad water in Havelock North:

The gastro outbreak in Havelock North is the worst in 30 years… so who’s to blame and what happens now? talks to Lawrence Yule And Massey University ecologist Mike Joy on how to stop something like this happening again

Yule says the Council has “no idea” how the fecal matter got into the bores, and the bores are still testing postive for e-coli

Yule says it wasn’t clear to him until Saturday how many people had become ill.

And Helen Kelly:

. talks to about her campaigns for workers’ rights, medical marijuana & why she won’t be writing a bucket list

What went wrong in Havelock North’s water supply? talks to Hasting mayor Lawrence Yule

Ecologist Mike Joy on the water crisis in Havelock North. How can we stop it happening again?

on workers’ rights, medicinal cannabis, and much more. Our very special full IV here:

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  1. I was surprised to see Helen looking so well (considering she says she doesn’t have long to live) it must be the CANNABIS !! 🙂

    • Good on her. she’s always had tremendous spirit and one can only admire her for bringing the same fight to her cancer as she’s brought to worker’s rights.

  2. Zedd

     /  20th August 2016

    It was interesting to hear the comments of Connor English (panel.. Agribusiness CEO & Brother of Bill) on the issue around animal crap/effluent run off into water.. he almost sounded like his blinkers are on so tight, he could not even see the ‘shit for the turds’.. 😦
    “I’m alright Jack !”

  3. Zedd – one can see that you never let facts stand in the way of your prejudiced diatribe.
    The bores in question are in the middle of an orcharding area with just grapevines and Te Mata Peak above in their catchment. The bores are up on a terrace maybe a kilometer from the Tukituki. There are no dairy farms in the area at all. The only livestock I saw there last week were some sheep in the vineyards and a small herd of Herefords on the Peak. A lot of the grass in the orchards appeared to have been sprayed to keep it under control. The houses up on Te Mata may be on septic tanks, but most are on the reticulated sewage system.
    Now – as you are such an expert on hydrology, where is the crap coming from – other than your keyboard?


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