Predator Free would cost ‘trillions’

Clayton Mitchell, NZ First spokesperson on Conservation, has said that “the cost of keeping the entire country predator free and maintaining it would see a capital expenditure cost of $1.67 trillion and an operating cost of $91 billion per annum”.

This is his whole media release: Predator Free – a Trillon Dollar Cost

A predator-free New Zealand by 2050 is likely to cost trillions, not millions as the government claims, says New Zealand First.

“The National government’s promise to make New Zealand predator-free for the bargain price of $28 million is nothing but greenwashing,” says Conservation Spokesperson Clayton Mitchell.

“Zealandia, a predator free plant and bird sanctuary in Wellington, cost $17 million to set up with an operating cost of $867,000.

“Using these figures as a yardstick, the cost of keeping the entire country predator free and maintaining it would see a capital expenditure cost of $1.67 trillion and an operating cost of $91 billion per annum – as New Zealand is 98,000 times larger than Zealandia.

“The operating cost alone would be 40% of New Zealand’s GDP.

“According to the Conservation Minister, the private sector will be willing to share the burden with additional funding.

“The government’s targets are totally unrealistic.

“New Zealand First recognises that the preservation and enhancement of the environment requires sound economics.

“Unlike National we believe that we must set appropriate and realistic environmental goals,” says Mr Mitchell.


David Farrar calls this as “may be the stupidest release put out by NZ First since they complained about the Reserve Bank being owned by foreigners” and there’s a few uncomplimentary comments too under Meet the future NZ First Minister of Finance.

Mitchell is also NZ First spokesperson on Sport and Recreation and spoke today in Parliament on Motions — 2016 Olympic Games—Success of New Zealand Team

A thought to think about as we go into new sporting events and, of course, the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are the people who paid and enabled this event to take place, and who put our sportspeople on the international stage so that we can swell with national pride.

We should have given them the ability to watch these games of national significance live and free to air, as we once enjoyed in previous times gone by. We would like to see this House support that as it comes up in the future. It is affordable, and I think, if you ask the people who stay in touch with New Zealanders, there is a huge desire for it.

So he wants “games of national significance live” free to air. Coverage of the Olympics is anything but free.

But he didn’t do any costings -it shouldn’t be hard to come up with a rough estimate of trillions.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  23rd August 2016

    His logic seems dodgy, certainly. That’s a sanctuary; the whole of NZ isn’t going to be like that. It might work if the country didn’t have cities, farms, roads, rivers, lakes….it’s totally false logic. Every square inch of the country won’t need to be done. This is like multiplying the cost of mowing 1sm of ground by however many sm the section is.

  2. Gezza

     /  24th August 2016

    I’ve gone off Clayton a bit now.

    • I thought he had potential as an up and comer in NZ First, but this is worse than lame. Perhaps too much Winstonian indoctrination.

      • Gezza

         /  24th August 2016

        I think we probably need patupaiarehe to give us a definitive explanation for this situation.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  24th August 2016

          (says it first)

          He’s a bit of a Clayton’s MP.

          (larfs loudly at own wit)

  3. The Nats never said 28 mill was going to cut it……. it was just a vain attempt at redirection regarding more pressing issues. How much does it cost to modify a Virus for pest control?

  4. Blazer

     /  24th August 2016

    at least this NZF M.P is not referred to as ‘barking ..mad’…kid gloves….eh?


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