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A catch up from Missy in the UK:

Hi All, okay, I know I have been a little MIA again, my only excuse is it is summer (yay) and I have been busy, and away, oh, and the UK seem to have been consumed by a little thing called the Olympics. :)

So, politics wise in the UK, it is still quiet, though a few things seem to have popped up. A very quick summary of the main points – I will miss some stuff I know, but essentially it doesn’t really get going again for another week or two, this weekend is the late summer bank holiday weekend, which is essentially like the Wellington/Auckland Anniversary weekends in signalling the back to work for most folks.

So, the summary:


The leadership race has been trucking along, with the same accusations, allegations, and insults as in the lead up. Sadiq Khan appeared at a leadership hustings, and was booed by Corbyn supporters – he has put his support behind Owen Smith. Owen Smith however hasn’t got off lightly, he has been pilloried by suggesting that the UK need to ‘get around the table’ with ISIS, as you can imagine that has not gone down well, to be fair it didn’t go down well when Corbyn suggested something similar a number of months ago, but he was smarter in saying it during the referendum campaign so it kind of got overlooked.

Corbyn is allegedly planning moves that could further damage the Labour Party (if that is possible), it is understood that if Corbyn wins the leadership election he will give more say to the members on policy making through email polls and plebiscites, this will further diminish the views of PLP. As much of the membership is now dominated by Corbyn supporters, this is a move that will boost his far left agenda within the party – it could also spell the end of the party.


As MPs head back from holiday there has been some noise from Conservatives. Most notably over the weekend, it has come out who advised Theresa May to use the EU citizens as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations, apparently all leadership contenders were advised to do that, but only May went with it, and now there is pressure on May again to guarantee the status of EU citizens in the UK – without having the status of UK citizens in the EU guaranteed I might add. This is however, in my opinion, one area that I think Theresa May has been smart, she would go into negotiations in a weaker position if she gave the guarantee to EU citizens, without having guaranteed the status of UK citizens, and I think the majority of people – especially those that voted Leave – get this and support her stance on it, it seems to be the vocal minority on social media, and in the MSM, that don’t agree.


Germany, France, and Italy are holding a summit at the moment to discuss the way forward for the EU, and in doing so have stated the intent for closer ties on defence, intelligence, and security. This could be taken by some to confirm some of the fears of many on the Leave side who claimed that the EU had plans for more integrated defence which will, by default, lead to greater integration of Foreign Policy, thus removing more policy making and independence from sovereign nations.

Juncker has come out and claimed that borders are the worst invention ever, yet again pushing for more open borders in the EU. He has also said that there needs to be greater integration and a stronger EU in order to curb rising nationalism. This shows arrogance, stupidity, or blindness – or a combination of all three, on the part of Juncker. He does not seem to understand – or want to understand – that much of the rise in nationalism in Europe is in response to greater EU integration. Most of the nationalist parties in Europe are also anti EU parties, many citing the economic situation, open borders, and increasing control of the EU as reasons for their existence – also reasons why they are getting the support.

And on other EU news, the EU Parliament sent a tweet congratulating European medal winners at the olympics, accompanied by a graphic suggesting that the EU ‘won’ the olympics with the most medals. This of course has been mocked online in the UK.

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  1. I’ve been a bit distracted by the Olympics too. As has media generally.

    Thanks for catching me up on what is happening outside sport in the UK (Great Britain did very well at the Olympics).

    • Missy

       /  23rd August 2016

      No worries, I am catching myself up too since I pretty much turned the news off over the last two weeks as it was nothing but the Olympics!

      GB did do very well though, and they are rightly very proud of their team.

  2. Missy

     /  23rd August 2016

    Ooooohhhhh….. almost forgot the most important update – The night Tube has started! 🙂

    Okay, so in London Boris put in a place for a night tube, it was meant to start last year, but the unions stalled it, and called a number of disruptive strikes, so it never happened under Boris’s watch, however, Khan (surprise, surprise) managed to get a deal with the unions (which from some reports I saw was exactly what Boris was offering anyway) and the night tube started last weekend. This means on limited lines (Victoria and Central at the moment) the tube will run 24 hours Friday and Saturday nights.

    Some are rather cynical about Khan managing to get it by suggesting that the Unions just wanted to make life difficult for Boris because they don’t like him, and once they had a Labour Mayor just caved in – there is possibly some truth in that. But what has upset a lot of people is that Khan is taking all of the credit for it, when most of the hard work was done by Boris, essentially they are saying he has no right to take the credit as the unions would of course not cause any issues under a Labour Mayor.

    Not that I will use it as yet – wrong tube line for me! I am still better off getting the 24hr bus from Whitehall, (cheaper too). 🙂

    • Gezza

       /  23rd August 2016

      Personally I am surprised Khan is not giving the credit to Allah The Merciful, The Beneficent & he should probably be ashamed of himself for calling himself a Muslim.


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