Choosing a pig-like mayor?

Chinese born former Labour MP Raymond Huo (2008-2014) tweeted:


Is this real? “Not afraid of divine opponents but a mayor like a pig. Choose wisely…” (Not a verbatim translation)


Keith Ng picked up on this and did some further translating.

Keith Ng Retweeted Raymond Huo

More verbatim translation: “Not afraid of a god-like opponent, most afraid of choosing a pig-like mayor make a smart choice; vote mayor, vote John Palino”

There’s not really any room for misinterpretation on the “god-like opponent” or “pig-like mayor”.

I don’t see how you can accidentally mistranslate something into god-like or pig-like.

I suspect he has a Chinese copywriter with very weird ideas, or a fairly weird sense of humour.

Weird for sure.

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  1. I’d listen to the left on pigs. They know all about troughs.

  2. Blazer

     /  26th August 2016

    Palino is backed by Chinese property developers and business men.

    • Maybe there’s a dialect conflict.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  27th August 2016

        His translator may not have wanted to admit that his Chinese wasn’t very good. If his family has been here for several generations, it may well not be.And if someone writes Chinese wrong, the result will be nonsense. I used to have a Malaysian-Chinese friend whose father was semi-literate and he dreaded the letters from Dad which were impossible to read for the most part. Loud groans when one arrived and M had to try to decipher it.

        Literal translations can come across oddly in any language.

        Nobody would say Mr the Count in English, but that’s more or less what M. le Comte is.Nor would one say the Tower Eiffel.

        Mr the Count is near of the Tower Eiffel. He has thirty years. His wife, his little cabbage, herself calls Marie and his handsome-father and beautiful-mother are dead since ten years. His mother and his father live always. His friend the most ancient is Pierre Ofbridge.

        M.le Comte est pres de la Tour Eiffel. Il a trente ans. Sa femme, son petit chou, s’appelle Marie. Son beau-pere et sa belle-mere sonts morts depuis dix ans, Sa mere et son pere vivent toujours. Son ami le plus ancien est Pierre Dupont.

        M. the Count* is near the Eiffel Tower. His wife, his little love (lit. little cabbage-a French endearment) is named Marie. His father-in-law and mother-in-law** have been dead for 10 years, His mother and father are still alive. His oldest friend is Pierre Dupont.

        *M. le Comte is really untranslatable in a way that is good English and makes sense

        ** why these are called handsome-father and beautiful-mother in French is anyone’s guess

  3. Maybe John shouldn’t have gone with Google Translate after all.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  27th August 2016

      Always test an online translation service with something that you already know.

  4. Ratty

     /  27th August 2016

    “pig-like mayor”

    Whaleoil- like mayor

    Same difference

  5. Kitty Catkin

     /  27th August 2016

    Pig as in year of the pig ?


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