Blended culture

A good example of how blended cultures have become in the modern world – a pizza business run by an Indian immigrant in Otago.

ODT: Working night and day on pizza chain

Energetic young Dunedin businessman Savi Arora continues to expand his pizza enterprise…

Pizza Bella was born last year when he opened in George St, after buying a failed pizza business having spied a potential business opportunity.

He later bought another pizza shop in Alexandra, rebranding it also as Pizza Bella, and recently opened in Gordon Rd, Mosgiel.

Mr Arora only spoke limited English when he arrived in New Zealand from India as a teenager to study business management.

Now happily settled in Dunedin, he has adopted a new slogan for Pizza Bella — Born in Otago — a reflection of how Otago people had supported him, he said.

It’s not uncommon for ethnic styled restaurants and food outlets to be owned and managed and staffed by people of various backgrounds.

Flat breads covered with stuff date back a long time. Bread covered with oils, herbs and cheese were eaten in ancient Greece.

Modern pizza is thought to have evolved out of dishes in Naples a few hundred years ago. Italians took these recipes to the US where they gradually became popular, especially with the avalanche of fast food outlets and franchises.

I first encountered pizza in the seventies in Auckland at Pizza Hut – on my first visit I ordered a steak, something I was more familiar with.

Now you can get pizza with a wide variety of ethnic style toppings. Including Indian.

Dunedin is known for it’s Scottish heritage (although in reality that’s only a small part of the ethnic mix here). I haven’t seen any haggis pizza here yet, but it’s been done – in London.

Fancy a slice of haggis pizza?

A London eatery is offering the bizarre fusion food “haggis pizza” to mark Burns Night

No wonder super blenders have become popular, where you chuck a bunch of stuff in and blend it beyond recognition.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  28th August 2016

    On my first visit to Pizza Hut I was naive enough to order a pizza and a miserably sad thing it was which cured me of ever going back. Luckily an Italian opened a real pizzeria in Devonport nearby and we enjoyed the proper thing. Nowadays we make our own with excellent bases from our 4Sq grocery.

    • Kevin

       /  28th August 2016

      If you order thin-base from PH you can get something that is edible. The pan pizzas are just kiddy pizzas in my opinion.

  2. Blazer

     /  28th August 2016

    $5 pizzas are everywhere in Aucks.Had the misfortune to buy one in Beach Rd last week,one bite,then the bin.You have to get the base right.Independent Pizza shops are the new dairys for Indian entrepreneurs.Heard one in Mangere sells around 400 a day @$5 ea ,most days.

  3. Best pizza I ever had. Naples, of course ! I am a pizza purist. I cannot abide these hybrid flavours and in particular consider pineapple and barbecue sauce as hanging offences. Don’t anyone be giving me Rogan Gosh or Sweet Thai Chili…..

    In saying that I generally love fusion food, where the best flavours and techniques are tastefully blended. My fave fusion restaurant in Auckland is Mekong Baby, Ponsonby Rd.

  4. Conspiratoor

     /  28th August 2016

    The gold standard of pizza, and the only true pizza, is the Napolitano. Three ingredients only, and each one a colour of the Italian flag


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