“Clinton hides, Trump slides, the republic subsides”

A common view of the US presidential contest is that it is a question of who is the worst candidate rather than who is the best.

‘The Plain Dealer’ Kevin O’Brien leans towards the worst views.

Clinton hides, Trump slides, the republic subsides

This may go down in history as the presidential election that made everyone angry. That, at least, would offer some hope that Americans’ taste in presidential candidates might be redeemable.

For now, though, all is bleak. The crook keeps proving more unabashedly crooked and the flake just keeps getting flakier.

On Clinton:

There’s no new lesson to learn from plumbing the depths of Hillary Clinton’s corruption or marveling at the heights of her mendacity. She’s as dirty as the day is long, and has been since the day she wriggled out of the Arkansas mud to become a public figure. This we knew.

All we’re getting now are more accurate readings of how low she has gone.

Don’t get your hopes up. As it always does, with a Democrat-friendly news media and a national attention span well short of a gnat’s, the Clinton strategy will work.

Deny. Dissemble. Delay. Dismiss.

But Trump is chump.

Last week, I wrote that if Donald Trump would just focus on immigration policy, his nose-diving campaign might recover.

He took the advice — only coincidentally, of course. And, as is his custom when good sense rears its long-forgotten head, he took it in the wrong direction.

That “deportation force” Trump talked about for months? Naw.

He now says immigration laws are fine the way they are, and he’ll just keep doing what Bush and Obama have done.

The best summation I saw came from Forbes.com contributor Josh Jordan on Twitter: “Aren’t all of you Trump supporters so happy that you threw away the White House on a guy that has no convictions? Great job.”

O’Brien may have a bit more extreme views than most but many tend towards this bleak outlook.

Perhaps whichever one ends up not losing will turn out to be a great president and they will unite Congress and the Senate to achieve some marvellous things for the United States of America and for the World.

Or the dollar democracy will continue to devalue.


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  1. David

     /  28th August 2016

    The media is so ridiculously biased over there towards Clinton with really only Fox sympathetic and that is luke warm too. It shows two things though, Americans are pissed off with their politicians, massively and who can blame them and how institutionally biased the media has become in Western democracies towards the status quo with their university chums all in influential positions the bubble must be preserved at all costs.

    • lurcher1948

       /  28th August 2016

      HUM what a decision a lier or a strange orange alien from the planet called “idiot follower”

  2. Joe Bloggs

     /  28th August 2016

    This is one of the most unappetising choices for the office of president in living memory.

    It’s not a choice of who is better at the job, but a choice of the lesser evil, and the problem with lesser evilism is that it merely delays, the election of the greater evil, or something even worse than the greater evil. It paralyses political actors, and prevents them from making clear and decisive political choices that could change the momentum of politics in the long term.

  3. Corky

     /  28th August 2016

    Crikey, I thought Gezza would be on to this. Must be busy somewhere else.

    “O’Brien may have a bit more extreme views than most but many tend towards this bleak outlook ”

    Pretty well sums it up for me. I cannot believe how Trump stuffed things up. It started with the Orlando shooting were he had a chance to reply with a measured statesmanly response. That didn’t happen. And its just got worse. He could have been President without trying. Utterly, utterly unbelievable.

    • lurcher1948

       /  28th August 2016

      corky are you taking the same pills “as the most healthy” alien opps candidate ever seen in this world??doctor took a few moments to write that

  4. Zedd

     /  28th August 2016

    time to stand up Jill & Bernie ! 😀

    • Corky

       /  28th August 2016

      You know Zeddy… I would vote for Bernie. He’s not a limp wrist. And he is a country mile better than the two stooges.


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