New Partnership Schools

ACT MP David Seymour has announced plans for more partnership schools (often referred to as charter schools). Via Twitter:

Proud to announce two new Partnership Schools to open in 2017, Te Aratika Academy in Napier and Kopuku High in Hamilton. These schools are generating new options for Kids and are a great ACT success story.

This links to Seymour: Two new charter schools approved for 2017 (NZ Herald):

Two new charter schools, one in Hamilton and one in Napier, have been approved to open in 2017, adding to the eight already operating.

Education Under-Secretary and Act leader David Seymour said only two were chosen from 26 applicants, both of which would have a special Maori character.

But he knew of several that would be applying again in 2017 for 2018 openings.

Quality was more important that quantity, he said.

The two new schools:

  • Hamilton – Te Kōpuku High: a co-educational composite secondary school for years 7 to 13. It will have a late immersion kaupapa Māori special character, and will target Māori students. Sponsored by Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust. Opening roll of 90 with a maximum of 300 by 2021.

Cath Rau for Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust said Te Kopuku High would be the first partnership school in Hamilton.

The trust was both the sponsor and deliverer of the curriculum. The trust had for the past 20 years supported kohanga reo and kura wharekura.

“We saw an opportunity through the partnership school initiative to use the cumulative knowledge and experience that we have gained in the Maori medium pipeline and provide an educational opportunity for Maori students in Hamilton who have not yet had the opportunity to learn te reo Maori or to learn in a kaupapa Maori context.”

She said the Partnership school would give the trust a lot more control than it had before.

  • Napier – Te Aratika Academy: a single sex (male) senior secondary school for years 11 to 13. It will have a vocationally-focused kaupapa Māori special character, and will target male Māori students. Sponsored by Te Aratika Charitable Trust. An opening roll of 67, with a maximum of 200 by 2019.

…a new charitable trust formed by Te Aratika Drilling, a civil construction firm across the North Island.

Ronnie Rochel, the director of the company, said that since 1998 she had been working and mentoring young men.

“I am passionate about providing a platform for change,” she said.

She saw many young boys come in to apply for jobs and although they had been through the school system, they were were not employment-ready.

Seymour told reporters…

…that sponsors of Partnership Schools, the official name for charter schools, were “some of the most heroic people” he had ever known.

They had set up schools in some of the shortest time frames and aimed to raise achievement for students who were not engaged in the state system.

“Vanguard Military School has taken on 60 kids who previously were not attending any school whatsoever when they came to Vanguard.”

Most schools had had positive results, some within their first year.

One of the aims of partnership schools is to provide education for children who currently fail in the current state education system.

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  1. Gezza

     /  31st August 2016

    Well, I hope they are as strong on scholastic achievement as they are on Kaupapa Maori and I wish them the best of luck.

  2. I have been somewhat suspicious and dubious about ‘Partnership Schools’ and remain conflicted about them, mainly due to the Christian fundamentalist element, and also the possibility of Islamic, Hindu, Bah’ai or any other religious [or even secular] fundamentalist kaupapa.

    Western pedagogy has evolved along a course of secular, ’rounded’, explorative learning and self-chosen specialisation – including ‘generalism’ – which I believe is a sound foundation for healthy life … notwithstanding neoliberalism’s transactional, pragmatic and material expediency effects: To exaggerate, all education becomes vocational training …

    Above all, this must not be the privatisation of education by stealth …

    The other side of the coin is “freedom” and the chance to explore and tailor alternatives. The suitability of educational models for individual people. I believe I would have benefitted from attending an alternative secondary school and largely disliked the culture of a single-sex state college …

    If charter schools are making it easier for hapu iwi to create kaupapa Maori education facilities then I am provisionally all for it – note ‘provisionally’ – depending on a number of factors … e.g., they must be suitably but not inequitably supported compared to mainstream, must achieve certain agreed educational outcomes and should not foment radicalism or violence (just like Christian or Muslim or anyone else) …

    If they’re “set up to fail” because they’re Maori we are getting nowhere and have learned nothing in our journey toward multiculturalism founded on biculturalism …

    So, will ACT and National (or any government) extend the same “privilege” to a Muslim (or any other religious) ‘Trust’ as they do to existing Kura Hourua, like South Auckland Middle School, which provides the NZ cirriculum with “Christian values”?

    • Gezza

       /  31st August 2016

      Started off well & then diverted it to a pakeha/”Christian values”-bashing religious minefield topic.

      So, anyway, how far in reading the Quran are you now, PZ?

      • Conspiratoor

         /  31st August 2016

        G, you are to right thinking what parti boy is to the tl:dr, and burning man is to the…ellipse

      • Thanks so much for your ‘critique’ guys. I’ll tailor my comments to suit yous in future …

        Geez Gezza, how do you get “pakeha/Christian values bashing” out of that!???

        Do you seriously think “School” as we know it is not an indoctrination vehicle, along with whatever else it is? Education. Socialisation. Why is it compulsory? Why is it still essentially a Victorian factory format in the second decade of the 21st century?

        No skin off my nose if you tl:dr me Conspiratoor. That’s your loss …

        • Nah Gezza, I won’t be reading the Quran anytime soon …. Not high on my priority list … and yeah Gezza, I’ll go on commenting about things I’m not fully and comprehensively informed about … and even express ‘opinions’ on things I know nothing about at all if I feel like it. Cheers …

        • Gezza

           /  31st August 2016

          “Do you seriously think “School” as we know it is not an indoctrination vehicle, along with whatever else it is? Education. Socialisation. Why is it compulsory? Why is it still essentially a Victorian factory format in the second decade of the 21st century?”

          Probably. The rabid righties say they are teaching the kids politically correct socialist nonsense. The loony lefties say they’re teaching them evil pakeha bullshit history.

          She’s a hard road finding the perfect school system, boy.


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