Labour Party application rejected

This came up on Twitter today:


Dear Sophie

Thank you for your recent application to become a registered supporter.

As part of the process to sign up as a registered supporter all applicants are asked to confirm the following statement: I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and I am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.

A panel of the NEC has considered your application, and has decided to reject it on the grounds that you tweeted in support of the Green party on 8 May 2015.

Yours sincerely,

Iain McNicol
General Secretary of The Labour Party

I can’t verify it (Update – now verified) but it fits with other information readily findable. UK Labour membership terms and conditions include:

  • By applying to become a member of the Labour Party you agree to accept and conform to the constitution, programme, principles and policy of the Party.
  • You also confirm that you are not a member of any other registered political party (save the Co-operative party); and you are not a member of any organisation incompatible with membership of the Labour Party.

Applications to become an Affiliated or Registered Supporter will be rejected if:

  • The Labour Party has reason to believe that you do not support the Labour Party’s aims and values.

And there are reports along similar lines, like this last year: Labour leadership election: rejected supporters express their anger:

Labour supporters have expressed their anger at being barred from the leadership vote, as the party steps up efforts to weed out those suspected of not being genuine supporters.

It is understood that Labour sent out a fresh batch of emails to supporters this morning informing them that their applications have been rejected and that they will not be able to vote in the leadership election.

The rejection email reads:

We have reason to believe that you do not support the aims and values of the Labour Party or you are a supporter of an organisation opposed to the Labour Party and therefore we are rejecting your application.

Although you may have received or may still receive a ballot paper, it will not work and if you do vote it will not be counted.

Should you wish to dispute rejection by the Labour Party you would have to submit and pursue an application to join Labour as a full member.

But this sort of vetting seems to have happened closer to home as well: Labour declines membership of a former candidate because he criticised them on Facebook:

As you know, you resigned your membership of the NZ Labour Party on May 14th 2015 and sought to rejoin on August 28th 2015.  Council retains the right to decide on membership applications, and in your case has decided to decline the application.

Although there is no obligation to provide reasons for this decision, Council were well aware that you operate a “Labour Members and Supporters” Facebook page which has from time to time contained unhelpful comments which could well be regarded as risking disrepute.

Political parties that don’t allow criticism or alternative views.

UPDATE: Missy has provided a link to verification of the UK Labour rejection letter:

Independent: Woman blocked from joining Labour on basis she tweeted support for Greens

‘I’m dismayed that my opinion is being so easily discarded just because I share points of view with other parties on the left,’ says Corbyn-supporting Welsh poet Sophie McKeand.

“I don’t see votes for The Left as mutually exclusive. We have much more in common than we have points of contention and this is what we need to focus on.”

The letter, which the Welsh poet posted on Twitter branding it a “total farce”, has been met with anger and surprise on social media.

It comes days after Jeremy Corbyn expressed concern that some of his supporters have been “unfairly” barred from voting after four people with a combined Labour Party membership of 163 years said they had received similar rejection.

Mr Corbyn has encouraged supporters who have been denied a vote to challenge it and advised on how best to do so, tweeting: “Have you been denied a vote? Make sure you challenge. Share details with Liz Davies, former Labour NEC & barrister.”

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  1. Pete Kane

     /  31st August 2016

    Now this looks interesting. And one needs an additional (non liquid) distraction after the disappointment of Florida (Esp. since so few of the MSM (or choose too in the case of their bosses) get its significance.

  2. David

     /  31st August 2016

    The People’s Front of Judea vs. The Judea People’s Front.

  3. Blazer

     /  1st September 2016

    Nothing really unusual about only wanting members of a political organisation that are singing from the same …song sheet.The Tories have a history of trying to infiltrate opposing parties.

    • Gezza

       /  1st September 2016

      The NZ Labour Party have a history of:
      1. Not all singing from the same song sheet.
      2. Not being able to find the song sheet.
      3. Not being able to figure out what goes in and what comes out of the song sheet when located anyway.
      4. The choir leader constantly being replaced with yet another one who’s tone deaf.

    • Missy

       /  3rd September 2016

      Ummm… Blazer, you do realise in order to actually win an election they will need supporters that are currently supporting other parties right?

      This is idiotic, and self defeating, they will find themselves in opposition for a long time – possibly decades – if they continue on this self destructive path.

  4. Three is huge irony in that a party full of factions, and with an activist hardcore like Momentum, seems to be actively discouraging strident voices. Perhaps Missy you can answer me this…..does Momentum have no Green objectives at all?

    • Missy

       /  3rd September 2016

      I am not sure on the objectives of Momentum – apart from keeping Corbyn as leader of the Labour party.

      I believe that their main objectives are socialist, my understanding is that the core of Momentum were from the Socialist Workers Party, and interestingly all protests / rallies in support of Corbyn here have included quite a bit of propaganda from the SWP too.

      Truthfully I doubt Momentum are truly Labour supporters.

  5. Kevin

     /  1st September 2016

    So UK Labour is opposed to the Greens over there (or at least regard the Greens as being opposed to them). Well, at least that’s one good thing about UK Labour.


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